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Use the menus above to meet our faculty, staff and administrators - a diverse community of talented and passionate educators.

When asked what they love most about Belmont Day, overwhelmingly the top responses from faculty and staff were the community, the students, and the six core values. Our teachers are deeply committed to our school and its mission, grateful to be a part of a warm and welcoming community, and thrilled to have the opportunity to share their knowledge and love of learning with children.

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to bringing their best skills and commitment to each child. They play many roles, from the more obvious one of working with students in creative and inspiring ways to the less obvious of volunteering to cover a colleague’s duty, serving on a committee, coaching a sports team, working as a Capstone mentor, keeping the garden going during the summer, or attending weekend open house events.

Our teachers are committed to the learning process, as illustrated by the hundreds of combined hours they spend in summer professional development workshops furthering their own learning. They explore topics like differentiation, formative assessment, and writing across disciplines. Each summer our teachers are students: online, in university classes, doing independent research, or attending conferences.

Belmont Day benefits in many ways from the presence of associate teachers in the classrooms. Our experienced faculty serve as mentors to beginning teachers, guiding them through daily classroom experiences, curriculum development and parent-teacher conferences.