Anne Armstrong

Anne Armstrong

Visual Arts Teacher and Arts Coordinator

Education: Saint Mary’s College, B.F.A.; Ohio State University, B.S.; Harvard University, M.Ed.
Joined Belmont Day: 1999
Community Activities: coach, Capstone mentor, community service, middle school club advisor
Recent Professional Development: Art New England Workshop: Layered Color Woodcut Class with Jim Lee; Responsive Classroom Workshop
Three Thoughts:

My Capstone Project would be… something to do with our National Parks, or the Pacific Crest Trail, or the Appalachian Trail, or Alzheimer’s… the list goes on and on…

The most important quality a teacher apply to Belmont Day should have is… a willingness to work WITH others—and not just other teachers—with other adults across the board, with all students, not just the ones they interact with in their classrooms. I think we are who we are because of our collaborative, work-together/for-one-another/with-one-another approach.

If I could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive), I would choose… 1. Amelia Earhart: a woman explorer—independent, tough, and driven—how cool it would be to get to know her!; 2. Georgia O’Keeffe: again, a woman explorer in a different sense—working and living as an artist. I’d want to have dinner with her at her house in New Mexico – the western time/side of her life intrigues me.; 3. Michelangelo/DaVinci/John Singer Sargent/Winslow Homer: dead artists with whom I’d want to hang out with in their studio (and with their compatriots); 4. Thomas Jefferson: I am—and have been for as long as I can remember—completely interested in his mind and ideas and inventions and just—well, everything about him. Monticello is so special—what a thrill it would be to spend time with him there!; 5. Sacagawea: one tough chica—THE original pioneer woman—what she did with the L&C expedition is pretty amazing… and there is a question/controversy about when she died & where—I want to know how she spent the last years of her life! 

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