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The Belmont Day School Associate Teacher Program combines hands-on classroom experience, mentoring, cohort fellowship, and graduate coursework in a collaborative and nurturing school environment.

Belmont Day offers three programs of study in partnership with Lesley University each leading to a full Massachusetts licensure and a master’s in education degree:

  • Early Childhood Education: pre-kindergarten to grade 2
  • Elementary Education: grades 1 to 6
  • Middle School Humanities: grades 5 to 8 

We believe in the power of bringing diverse perspectives and voices together in the service of students, so our program seeks to enroll people who have demonstrated that they value questions, reflection, collaboration, and children’s ideas.

Our one-year teacher residency prepares prospective teachers to teach, learn and lead in independent schools and public schools both locally and nationally since they are eligible for licensure in approximately 40 states.

Associates receive support and guidance from Belmont Day’s program director throughout the certification and job search process. Courses at Belmont Day School are designed to encourage associates to connect their observations and experiences in the classroom with the theories and texts that influence our work. 

A Full Year of Experience and Mentorship

Associate teachers spend the year at Belmont Day working in two semester-long classroom placements. By observing Belmont Day faculty and receiving support and feedback on their own teaching, associates hone their capacity to reflect, adjust their practice, and build relationships with their students. Associate teachers also attend seminars conducted by Belmont Day faculty and complete additional coursework at Lesley University. It is an intensive, twelve-month program that has proven to be the best way to build the skills necessary to be an impactful and effective teacher. 

Valued Members of Our Community

At Belmont Day, associate teachers are an integral part of our school community. Parents value the additional classroom support for their children. Staff appreciate the new energy and excitement associate teachers bring to our halls. Faculty enjoy the opportunity to mentor and share their knowledge and help shape the next generation of educators. And, of course, the students benefit immensely from the associate teachers’ enthusiasm, diverse and fresh perspectives, and love of learning.

Beyond the classroom, associate teachers further contribute to the community, often serving as athletics coaches, After School Program teachers, and summer program staff.

Belmont Day offers three types of licensure and courses of study: early childhood, elementary, and middle school humanities education. For more information, contact Anthea Lavergne, Director of Curriculum and the Associate Teacher Program, at  al*******@be********.org.

Anthea Lavergne

Director of Curriculum and the Associate Teacher Program

Why Be a BDS Associate Teacher?

The Benefits of the Belmont Day School Associate Teacher Program

  • Communication: Our mentor teachers embrace the discussion of their decisions and feedback, and listen and learn from yours.
  • Inspiration: Our students will enchant and challenge you and fire up your desire to be a leader in education.
  • Skill-building: We know that good classroom management enables great teaching. And that great teaching enables good classroom management.
  • Community: We empower the individual to value and build strong communities through collaboration. Learn to be a community member as well as a classroom teacher.
  • Philosophy: Our academic environment nurtures the thoughtful evolution of curriculum and its purposeful development into excellent instruction.
  • Connection: We teach firsthand how to build healthy relationships with colleagues, parents, students, and your associate teacher peers.
  • Support: We offer personalized and attentive supervision and mentorship through our intentionally small program cohort of 6-8.
  • Fuel: We are what we eat! A healthy, and very delicious, breakfast and lunch are provided every day to BDS community members.

Application Process


The program aims to accept associates who have a sincere interest in working with children and an authentic respect for what they have to offer the world. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree with significant coursework in the liberal arts or sciences from an accredited college or university. An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher is preferred.

Applying to the Associate Teacher Program

To apply:

 Lesley University application

The Lesley online application requirements include an initial application, a written personal statement, a resume, two letters of recommendation (both form and letter), and official transcripts. The application does not need to be fully completed to submit. Lesley invites candidates to submit sections as they are completed so that candidates are entered into the system.

As soon as the online Lesley University application is complete, we encourage all applicants to schedule a tour of Belmont Day. We require all applicants to:

  • complete an interview (either in person or via Zoom) with Anthea Lavergne
  • complete a Zoom interview with a current associate or mentor teacher

Interviews begin in October and are conducted once we receive all application materials. Please email al*******@be********.org” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Anthea Lavergne to set up your tour and initial interview.

Lesley will forward each candidate’s application pieces to Belmont Day as those pieces become available. If accepted at Belmont Day, a candidate will then be considered for acceptance to Lesley University. When a candidate is accepted by both, a formal admittance letter is issued.

Anthea Lavergne
Belmont Day School
55 Day School Lane
Belmont, MA 02478
(617) 932-3940

Admissions Timeline

Our admissions process is competitive, and the associate teacher cohort class often fills quickly each year. We admit applicants on a rolling basis, so encourage those interested to submit application materials and schedule interviews and a tour as soon as possible.

Applying to Lesley University

If you have any questions about Lesley University’s application process that are not answered here, please email Stephanie Correia.


Tuition for the Associate Teacher Program is divided between institutions:

Belmont Day School
Tuition is $6,000. This is paid directly to BDS and includes pre-practicum, practicum, seminar, and five additional courses for a total of eighteen graduate credits. This fee also includes lunch and a light breakfast offered by the school every day.

Lesley University
Tuition is $850 per credit. Students in the early childhood and middle school humanities licensure programs take twenty-two credits during the twelve-month program at Lesley University. Students in the elementary licensure track take nineteen credits during the twelve-month program at Lesley University.

Teacher Training Fellowship

Develop your passion for learning and leading. The Teacher Training Fellowship covers the full cost of the Belmont Day School portion of the program. This $6,000 fellowship will be awarded to an associate teacher of color who demonstrates excellence and a strong commitment to working in the classroom. To learn more about the Fellowship and the steps to apply, contact Anthea Lavergne.

Special Opportunity for Lesley Graduates

If you earned your bachelor’s degree at Lesley, you’re eligible to get twelve free credits toward a Lesley University master’s degree. Learn more about Lesley University tuition discounts.

The Job Search

A wealth of support is provided to associate teachers as they engage in job searches. Beginning in the fall, Belmont Day encourages associates to participate in all available opportunities, including job fairs and on-campus recruiting events at Lesley University, and school visits. The director ensures that associates receive intensive instruction and guidance in preparing resumes, personal statements, and planning demo lessons. As the spring progresses, the director and head of school work closely with each associate to support applications, interviews, school visits, and recommendations. Associates are given generous time off to visit schools and attend job fairs.

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