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Community Guides Strategic Vision

Belmont Day’s Strategic Plan outlines the school’s organizational priorities for the next 5 to 10 years. The priorities and outcome measures for the plan were determined and voted on by the board of trustees in January 2020, before the pandemic forced the school to pivot to more immediate needs. Excellence, community, and financial strength—the hallmarks of Belmont Day—have been on clear display since, though perhaps not in the same way or along the same timeline as we had originally designed for the strategic plan.

The Strategic Plan is the result of an in-depth process that synthesized data from parent focus groups, faculty input, individual interviews, existing surveys, school placement information, and financial reports. This work also follows the recent introduction of Belmont Day’s mission statement, which served as a guidepost for defining the plan’s three areas of focus: excellence, community, and financial strength.

Excellence is one of Belmont Day’s six core values. The Strategic Plan uses this lens to review every aspect of the school, including curriculum and social-emotional development, as well as honoring difference, innovation, and faculty development. 

Community has always been at the heart of the Belmont Day experience, and highlighting it in the Strategic Plan will ensure that it stays that way. The Community priority of the Strategic Plan outlines an approach to examining such needs and promoting strong communication with parents. 

A strong financial footing is also vital to sustaining Belmont Day, allowing us to continue investing in our assets—students, faculty and staff, and infrastructure. The shifting economic landscape makes a focus on financial strength more important now than ever.

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