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Belmont Day Camp

Exciting summer adventures that help your children learn and grow!

Belmont Day Camp provides well-rounded, fun-filled, and exciting summer adventures with many opportunities for exploration and play. We strive to be a thoughtful and reflective community of role models that creates a caring and supportive environment in which children:

  • grow safely as individuals
  • take risks and participate
  • engage in meaningful connections with others
  • experience both individual and group learning discoveries
  • have fun and create lasting memories

Summer day camp for children ages 3 to 15

We welcome children ages three to fifteen years, who are eager to participate in a wide variety of activities. Campers are placed in groups by entering grade in the coming fall. Groups fall into one of four categories:

  • Ramblers (potty trained and entering pre-school to entering kindergarten groups)
  • Voyagers (entering grades 1 to 3 groups)
  • Pioneers (entering grades 4 to 7 groups)
  • Future Leaders (entering grades 8 and 9 – counselor-in-training program by application and interview only)

These categories dictate which activity specialists groups see and how their daily schedule is structured. As the age of the group increases, so does the amount of choice offered to campers in the activities they pursue. All groups take part in a daily swim lesson in the morning and enjoy a free swim period in the afternoon. Visit the pages for each group to see a sample schedule and list of activities.

Fun special events keep our camp exciting and fresh

Special events take place each session that build community and add to the fun! Examples of special events have included: All American BBQ, Superhero Week, Color Games, Olympics, Carnival, Lambies Talent Show, and Hot Halloween.

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Registration for returning camp families opened in December; enrollment for new families will open on January 17 at 9 a.m. 

Visit our Camp in Touch registration site to enroll.

We proudly welcome campers from Arlington, Cambridge, Medford, Lexington, Lincoln, Newton, Waltham, Watertown, Winchester, Woburn, and all around the Belmont, MA area. Contact us today to find out more about our summer day camps.

Need to Know

Drop-off: 8:45 to 9 a.m.
Pick-up: 3:45 p.m. (12:30 p.m. available for Ramblers)

Extended Day
Drop-off: 7:45 a.m.
Pick-up: 5:30 p.m.

We strive to make Belmont Day Camp as accessible as possible, and offer a range of activities that has something for everyone.

Successful participants in our program are able and cleared by a doctor to actively participate in the scheduled camp activities including, but not limited to: swimming, arts and crafts, nature, yoga, sports, tennis, woodworking, archery, ropes, movement, music, science experiments, innovations, and games. All children must be toilet-trained to participate in our program.

If your child is interested in our program but you anticipate that s/he will need assistance in participating fully, please contact the Director of Summer Programs to determine if Belmont Day is the right fit and, if so, how to make your child’s experience successful.

We are proud to welcome campers from Arlington, Cambridge, Concord, Medford, Lexington, Lincoln, Newton, Somerville, Waltham, Watertown, Winchester, Woburn, and all around the Belmont, MA area. Contact us today to find out more about our summer day camps.

Ramblers are our youngest campers, entering preschool through entering kindergarten, typically 3- to 5-year-olds. Our youngest Ramblers are two years out from attending kindergarten. All campers must be potty trained to attend our camp. The Ramblers program provides a rich, well-rounded summer experience while attending to the unique needs of young children. Ramblers are given a more open schedule to limit transition and encourage exploration and socialization. In addition to a wide variety of activities, campers enjoy a swim lesson and free swim each day, weather permitting. Snack is provided each day. Staff includes a head counselor, typically a school-year teaching professional, two junior counselors, 16- to 18-years-old, and an intern, typically 15-years-old, with 16 to 18 campers. Additionally, lifeguard and water safety instructor-certified swim staff and activity specialists support the program during swim and activity blocks. A half-day option is offered with dismissal taking place after lunch (12:30pm).

Ramblers activities include:

  • arts and crafts
  • sports
  • games
  • nature
  • music
  • drama and movement
  • garden
  • yoga

Sample Daily Schedule

Time Activity
8:45 – 9 a.m. Arrival and choice time
9 – 9:20 a.m. Morning Meeting with all Rambler groups
9:20- 10:05 a.m. Swim Lessons
10:05 – 10:50 a.m. Swimsuit changing, snack, Big Blue time
10:50 – 11:35 a.m. Activity block: arts and crafts
11:35 a.m. – 12:20 p.m. Lunch
12:20 – 1:05 p.m. Rest time (some children nap, others look at books or quietly listen to audiobooks)
1:05 – 1:50 p.m. Free Swim
1:50 – 2:35 p.m. Swimsuit changing, choice time
2:35 – 3:20 p.m. Activity block: nature exploration
3:20 – 3:40 p.m. Closing meeting, popsicles on Claflin Field
3:40 – 4:00 p.m. Dismissal

Our Voyagers program builds on a child’s Ramblers experience by adding more opportunity for social interaction and new activities for each grade. Our Voyager groups focus on creating a positive social environment for all our campers, and encouraging the social emotional learning that is a main focus of our summer camp.

New Voyagers activities include:
Tennis – grade 1
Woodshop – grade 2
Archery – grade 2
Innovations – grade 3

Other activities include:

  • swimming lessons
  • free swim
  • art
  • crafts
  • sports
  • games
  • music
  • drama and movement
  • nature
  • yoga
  • create and design

Sample Daily Schedule

8:45 – 9 a.m.Arrival and choice time
9 – 9:20 a.m.Morning meeting
9:20 – 10:05 a.m.Swim Lessons
10:05 – 10:50 a.m.Activity block: sports
10:50 – 11:35 a.m.Activity block: art
11:35 a.m. – 12:20 p.m.Lunch
12:20 – 1:05 p.m.Activity block: nature
1:05- 1:50 p.m.Free swim
1:50 – 2:35 p.m.Activity block: innovations
2:35 – 3:20 p.m.Activity block: yoga
3:20 – 3:40 p.m.Popsicles and closing meeting on Claflin Field
3:40 – 4:00 p.m.Dismissal

Our Pioneers program continues growth at camp by creating a larger, cross-graded community and introduces elements of choice into the schedule through electives. Pioneer campers move through most of the same activity areas as Voyagers during the morning, but have the ability to choose two afternoon activity blocks based on the daily offerings of our electives staff. These electives can include normal camp activities, like a sport or craft, or unique activity opportunities, such as butter making or ice block sledding.

Pioneers activities include:

  • swimming lessons
  • free swim
  • arts and crafts
  • sports 
  • nature
  • music 
  • drama and movement
  • tennis
  • create and design
  • woodshop
  • archery 
  • innovations
  • electives
  • games
  • yoga

Sample Daily Schedule

8:45 – 9 a.m.Arrival and choice time
9 – 9:20 a.m.Morning meeting
9:20 – 10:05 a.m.Activity block: archery/woodshop
10:05 – 10:50 a.m.Swimming lessons
10:50 – 11:35 a.m.Activity block: tennis
11:35 a.m. – 12:20 p.m.Activity block: create and design
12:20 – 1:05 p.m.Lunch
1:05 – 1:50 p.m.Electives
1:50 – 2:35 p.m.Electives
2:35 – 3:20 p.m.Free Swim
3:20 – 3:40 p.m.Popsicles and closing meeting on Claflin Field
3:40 – 4:00 p.m.Dismissal
Fostering leadership skills in young adults | Sessions B & C

Our four-week-long Future Leaders program offers the opportunity for leadership, training to work with children, and basic job skills. While this functions as our “Counselor-in-Training” program, it also prepares participants for professional life beyond working at camp.

Future Leaders will get two primary aspects to their experience. First and foremost, they will be able to work with campers and learn directly from counselors. Future Leaders will work with different camp groups throughout the program to develop hands-on skills, learn about child development and find where they feel the best fit.

Along the way, Future Leaders will work to develop important professional skills outside of childcare and education. They will practice writing resumes and cover letters, do mock interviews, and participate in leadership and team-building activities to learn more about themselves, their strengths, and where they can continue to grow as people.

The program is offered in one four-week session during Camp Sessions B and C—July 12 to August 5. An additional, optional 2-week session during Camp Session D—August 8 to 19—provides a chance for Future Leaders to get even more time directly involved with a camp group after completing the main portion of the program.

Each day will include time in a camp group setting and daily meetings and activities run by our Future Leaders Coordinator for Future Leaders only.


Because being a Future Leader is a first step towards becoming a staff member, we ask that all participants attend an information session, apply for the program, and do a short interview with a staff member before formally being enrolled in the program.

Applications will open in early February, and we will begin accepting campers once they have attended the information session and had an interview. We expect to confirm Future Leader registration by early March.

2023 Future Leader Information Sessions
  • Tuesday, February 7, 5 to 6 p.m.
  • Thursday, February 16, 5 to 6 p.m.

These information sessions will take place via Zoom. If you are interested in joining us, please email

The information session will include:

  • more specifics about the program
  • review of the application process
  • an opportunity to ask questions about the program and application process

Below is a list of activities we offer at camp:

  • Swimming lessons: detailed information about our Red Cross swimming lessons is available in the section about swimming
  • Free swim: free time in the pool
  • Art: drawing and painting with different media, learning about different art styles, forms, and genres
  • Crafts: build, glue, construct, mold—hands-on projects to create something awesome to take home
  • Sports: soccer, wiffle ball, volleyball, kickball—sports you’ve heard of with rules you know (and some you don’t)
  • Games: teambuilding and camp games—games you may never have heard of that you probably haven’t played anywhere but at camp—Lord of the Rings, Go for 20, Star Wars, Messy Backyard, Treasure Island, Gaga
  • Nature: learn more about the habitats on and around the campus through walks, explorations, and activities focused on hands-on learning
  • Garden: spend time caring for our garden and learning about process of growing food
  • Drama and movement: improv games, commercial-making, comedic skits, drama games, tap, stomp, choreographed numbers, rhythm exercises
  • Music: learning camp songs, drumming, name-that-tune, musical hangman, and other simple music-focused activities
  • Tennis: basic skill drills, tennis baseball, champion of the court
  • Archery: technique and safety lessons, target shooting games to improve aim and form
  • Woodworking: simple woodworking projects like toolboxes, clocks, knock hockey, sailboats that children can take home
  • Innovations: STEM-focused experiments like water bottle tornadoes, ice cream in a bag, erupting volcanoes, battery-powered propeller boats
  • Electives: cooking, jewelry making, World Cup soccer, digital photography, self-defense, scavenger hunt, ice block sledding—anything can be an elective
  • And more!

We engage with our staff each year to determine the best options for our campers’ specialty blocks. A specialty activity always works best with an expert to teach it. We will add and remove specials every year based on the expertise of our staff and what we think will provide the campers with the best dynamic and engaging experience.

Group Placements and Friend Requests

Children are placed into groups by entering grade in the coming fall. Groups are all gender. There are multiple groups at most grade levels during most sessions. You can request a group mate for your child during the online registration process. You can do this for each session your child is enrolled in. You may request the same child for each session or request different children for different sessions based on the enrollments the two children have in common. We assign groups in early June and make every effort to honor one friend request per camper.

After Camp Events

We hope to bring our two after-camp programs—Family Fun Nights and the Pioneer Overnight—back in 2023 after a COVID-19 safety hiatus in 2021 and 2022. These programs incur an additional fee that has not been determined yet.

Pool Party/Overnight

Open to Pioneers, grades 4 through 7, participation is optional and necessitates an additional fee. Pool parties and overnights begin at the same time, with pool parties ending at 9 p.m. Dinner and a late snack are served. Children who stay for overnights make lunch for the next day and are served breakfast.

Family Fun Night

Evenings designed for the whole family! Join us for camp activities, swimming, and dinner. Participation is optional and necessitates an additional fee.


Our head of pool is assisted in teaching and guarding by experienced American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors™ and certified lifeguards.

Red Cross swim lessons happen in the morning. Swimmers are divided by ability. To determine appropriate placement for swim lessons, each child is evaluated on their first day at camp. These evaluations consist of a progression of skill assessments. Children are then further observed in their level to be sure the appropriate placement has been made. Children are monitored daily for progress and promoted when they have completed the requirements necessary to complete the exit assessment for the level. 

Assessments are done on Tuesdays/Thursdays at the recommendation of the swim staff and Head of Pool, as per Red Cross’s specific tasks to complete for exit assessments. Belmont Day swim certificates are issued after a child has been promoted to the next level.

Swim lessons are an important part of “growing safely as an individual” and “taking risks and participating,” two of our core camp goals. No alternative activities are offered during swim times. Children are encouraged to participate every day.

Free Swim
Free swim happens each afternoon. Groups come to the pool, and children are given the opportunity to have free time in the pool. We limit the area children may swim in based on their morning swim level. This helps us ensure that all children are safe in the pool and are not getting into situations they cannot handle while swimming.

We have two pools at Belmont Day. Our practice pool is 20 feet x 40 feet and is 2 feet deep for the entire pool area. Our big pool is 40 feet x 80 feet and ranges from 3 feet to 9 feet.

Both pools are licensed by the Board of Health.

Swimming is an important part of our program at camp. We aim for each group to swim twice each day unless it is unsafe to do so.

Circumstances in which we close the pool include:

  • When there is thunder and lightning in the area. The pool remains closed until 30 minutes after the last instance of thunder or lightning.
  • When it is raining so hard, we can’t see the bottom of the pool.
  • When there is a weather advisory or warning issued by the state for our area.

Our summer staff is composed of an administrative team, activity specialists, swim staff, head counselors, junior counselors, and interns. Each person plays an important role. Together we work to ensure the safety, well-being, and success of your child at camp.

Camp staff members are a group of diverse individuals with an assortment of skills, abilities  and experiences. We hire staff members that are team players, patient, self-motivated, enthusiastic, and good communicators with the ability to keep up with school-aged children. Our staff must be interested in being part of a community, able to understand the diverse needs of children, and know how to have fun! Most of our staff members were longtime campers that share a deep love of Belmont Day Camp and are excited to pass that on to the next generation of future counselors.

Zach d’Arbeloff, director of summer programs and Denali Kikuchi, auxiliary programs coordinator, together form the core of the summer administrative team. They are available year-round to answer questions and help you organize the summer for your children. You can reach both of them at any time by emailing

There is a one-time, $50 per camper enrollment fee. This fee is waived if you enroll by February 25, 2023.

Payment is due based on the following schedule:

  • 25% due upon enrollment until April 15
  • 50% of balance due April 15, or upon enrollment between April 15 and May 15
  • 75% of balance due May 15, or upon enrollment between May 16 and June 15
  • 100% of balance due before June 15, or upon enrollment after June 15

CampMinder allows you to keep a card on file that we will charge for you at these payment deadlines.

We are willing to work with any family on payment plans if this schedule does not work for you. Please contact Director of Summer Programs Zach d’Arbeloff to establish a payment plan that will ensure your tuition is paid by your child’s first day of camp.


Full refunds are only give in the case of a medical or family emergency that was unforeseen regardless of date of event.

Partial refunds may be available as follows:

  • $100 per 2-week session administrative fee is non-refundable until May 1
  • 25% per session is non-refundable after May 1
  • Tuition is not refundable within 2 weeks of the session start date

School extension for snow days:
In the event that school runs later than expected because of snow days or other missed days, Belmont Day will prorate a session for the days that school is still in session provided the family decides to attend school and not camp.

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