Students with their fall leaf design

Why Belmont Day?

The reasons are many and are as varied as the children and adults who make up our community.

Engaged Learners and Leaders: Belmont Day students love to come to school every day. They value opportunity, choice, and independence as they dive deep into learning and see themselves as conscientious citizens of the world.

Unparalleled Faculty: Belmont Day teachers are recognized daily for their passion, innovation, and excitement. They model a love of learning and value each student as a unique individual.

Innovative Curriculum: Our teachers offer a curriculum that is hands-on, interdisciplinary, and connects content to experiences beyond classroom walls. Faculty review the curriculum across subject matter and across grade bands to ensure a cohesive student experience that builds successively with each grade. They also create, revise, and refine curriculum on an ongoing basis to reflect important developments in educational research and best practices.

Vibrant Community: Families are part of a strong, welcoming school community. Teachers and parents work as partners to nurture children’s development and growth to reach their best potential.

Action-oriented Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging: At Belmont Day, honoring differences is a guiding principle and a way of life. Our equity, inclusion, and belonging curriculum provides a scope and sequence approach for students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Our growth, development, and belonging program prepares middle schoolers to be good friends and good leaders. Faculty take part in professional development that supports this action throughout the year, and social identity groups for students, faculty, and parents provide safe spaces to provide and gain support.

Strong Values: Our school culture is grounded in the core values of excellence, responsibility, honesty, caring, respect, and joy. These values lay the foundation for Belmont Day students to become lifelong learners and confident community leaders, equipped to meet the challenges of a global world.

Our Location: We draw students from 30 local communities throughout the Boston metro area and offer two bus lines for transportation to and from school. Our 11-acre campus offers a beautiful environment to extend learning outdoors, and students enjoy using our woodland for nature studies, cross country, and snowshoeing. 

Prepared for the Future: Leadership, intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills, creativity, self-awareness, sensitivity, and cultural competency are all qualities that describe Belmont Day graduates. High school and college success stories are rooted in a Belmont Day education.

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