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Pre-k to Grade 8 Model

Belmont Day parents often tell us how much they appreciate a school that focuses on pre-k to eighth grade. This model is successful because it emphasizes three key phases of child development: early childhood, upper elementary, and middle school. At Belmont Day, each phase has its own educational arc, with core skills and age-appropriate opportunities for leadership. Children remain fully grounded in each developmental stage, building long-term relationships as they develop the talents and interests that make each student an individual. Together these arcs comprise a cohesive journey for a child’s foundational, formative years.

At Belmont Day, students also benefit from experiences that unify our tightknit community, with older students serving as role models and mentors and younger students getting a glimpse of what they have to look forward to. Both sides enjoy a tremendous confidence boost from these connections, which include cross-graded partnerships, school-wide sharing assemblies, field days, community service, and after-school enrichment programs.

Through this structure, Belmont Day graduates have the experience of being school leaders before they get to high school. In addition, our students are not driven by a single model of high school. Instead, we prepare students to have many choices and to thrive in a variety of settings. As our eight graders prepare to graduate, they are ready to appreciate and participate in planning for their future, working with our high school placement director to determine the best next step for students and their families. Thus the biggest reward of our pre-k to eighth grade program: Our graduates head off to high school knowing who they are and with the tools, experiences and goals to thrive in their next school community.

So come, take a look. Talk to our teachers, who are devoted to the developmental needs of their students. Meet our students, who beautifully articulate why this structure works so well for them.

Students form a circle in the Barn gym with their teacher
A student shows the heart design on a tote bag she designed on community service day
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