Ana Maria Restrepo

Ana Maria Restrepo

Grade 5 Language, Community, and Culture Teacher; Middle School Spanish Teacher

Education: Taller 5, Centro de Diseño, B.A.
Joined Belmont Day: 2020
Recent Professional Development: Responsive Classroom for Specialists; Enhancing Spanish Language Instruction; Accelerating Performance in Target Language
Three Thoughts:

If I could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive), I would choose… Susan Sontag because she was not only wrote outstanding novels and essays, but she excelled in other areas such as art, photography, film, and theater. And she was a teacher! She was a woman with a well-defined ideology and surely many stories to tell.

Three words that best describe my working style are… persistent, creative, and dedicated.

A person I admire or consider a hero is… Dolores Huerta. She co-founded the National Farm Worker´s Association and she popularized the slogan ¨ se puede´´ (Yes, we can). She improved the social and economic conditions for farm workers.

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