Kaleen Moriarty

Lower School Math Specialist

Education: Rochester Institute of Technology, B.S., M.S.; Simmons College, M.A.T.
Joined Belmont Day: 2007
Community Activities: Community service, coach, Capstone mentor, Braiding Different Strands committee
Recent Professional Development: Developmental Designs: Social-emotional Learning Middle School
Three Thoughts:

My Capstone Project would be… really difficult to choose because there are so many things that I would love to learn about! Would it be learning to identify trees and plants that are commonly found in Massachusetts and exploring how invasive species have altered our landscape? Or perhaps, learning more about gardening and how to eat with a focus on sustainability? A third idea would be to study different pottery styles around the world, and then I might finally learn how to work with clay. I love hearing the varied topics that students select, which often finds me saying, “Oh, that is so interesting. I’d love to study that, too!”

My favorite children’s author/book is… Mo Willems for picture books. One of the things that I love about the cross-graded partnership with kindergarten is that I’ve been introduced to Mo Willems! His illustrations, stories, and humor keep all ages entertained. As for middle school-level books, Mildred Taylor’s “Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry” will always be a favorite for its powerful story and the important issues that it raises.

Things I love about Belmont Day are… the amazing students, families, and colleagues that I get to spend each day with. Sharing Assemblies, collaborating on projects with other teachers, and getting to work with an eighth grader as a Capstone mentor,  are just some of the ways I get to spend time with other grades that help build the incredible sense of community here. I also value the richness of the curriculum and the support given to faculty to keep learning through professional development so we can strive to make our classrooms exciting and fun.

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