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Why I Give

Post date January 17th, 2020
Giving is a statement of our convictions, and these days at Belmont Day, it is impossible not to feel immensely grateful for the generosity of our families, faculty, and students as we begin 2020. The size alone is a statement, the mountain of donated oatmeal boxes—all destined for Pine Street Inn to support their work providing the homeless with a warm meal, a friendly face, and a reminder of our shared humanity. This growing collection of oatmeal is a reminder of the power of giving to a worthy cause, especially on the heels of the holiday season, when our culture of commercialism can...read more

Happy New Year, BDS!

Post date January 10th, 2020
I hope that my first column of the decade finds each of you eagerly embracing the promise of a new year. And, however you rang in 2020, I hope that the idea of a new year inspired equal doses of reflection and aspiration for you. Faced with the state of our world–tensions flaring in the Middle East, wildfires raging across Australia, an impeachment process boiling on Capitol Hill, and other complicated news igniting nearly everywhere we look–I found myself wrestling with the notion of a New Year’s resolution that would be meaningful and substantive enough to make, yet grounded enough to keep...read more

Winter Break Reflection

Post date December 20th, 2019
As Jim Walker, our intrepid associate director of marketing and communications noted in his weekly appeal for me to write this week, this is the last Scoop article of the decade. While my reflections on the decade itself will come in the new year, I cannot imagine a better voice to carry us into the holidays and another decade than the lyrical voice of Robert Frost. Today, at our Share the Warmth assembly, I shared this winter poem that captures both the beauty and the hope of the season. I share it with you in the same spirit and wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season. Birches...read more

Happy Birthday, Barn!

Post date December 13th, 2019
You wouldn’t know it. Already, the Barn has become so ingrained in the everyday reality and culture of our school that to think it has only been open for a year is hard to believe. However, December 3—which, as it turned out, we celebrated with a snow day—marked the one year anniversary of Belmont Day’s receipt of the certificate of occupancy for our already beloved academic, athletics, and arts building. Consider what the Barn has already seen! In no time at all, the Blue and Gold courts hosted a middle school basketball tournament, Early Birds, the Winter Concert, Friday Night Hoops, the...read more

Why a PD Day on a Friday in December?

Post date December 6th, 2019
During a week following a holiday break, and with a snow day thrown in for good measure, you may be wondering about the timing of today’s in-service day for faculty. The answer has as much to do with the faculty that were not on campus today as it does with those who were. Today is day three of the four-day NAIS People of Color Conference (POCC) taking place in Seattle. As we usually do, a contingent of BDS faculty of color is attending the conference which serves as equal parts professional development, affirmation, and restoration. POCC is the National Association of Independent School’s...read more

The Art of Gathering

Post date November 22nd, 2019
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. This summer, I asked the programmatic leadership team of Liz Gray, Minna Ham, Carlos Hoyt, Heather Woodcock, and Deborah Brissenden to read Priya Parker’s The Art of Gathering. The book, which is described as both “a journey and a guide” to meaningful gatherings, helped us to consider the many ways we invite folks to gather—for a faculty meeting, in the classroom, for a book group, or even over a coffee—and focus on making meaning rather than meeting for meeting’s sake. As we head into this Thanksgiving holiday, Parker’s principles of gathering are especially...read more

Sprinting Through the Marathon

Post date November 15th, 2019
Leading into the first marathon that my wife and I had ever run a few weeks ago, I offered up a bit of my pre-race nervousness to a parent in attendance at a recent school event. After empathically sharing the story of his own first marathon, he added, “... and think about the possibilities for the Scoop! Hard to find a better metaphor than actually running a marathon.” True enough, my friend. Let’s see if the months of training paid off… The old cliché “it’s not a sprint” is something we often hear when asked to take the long view of something. But here’s the thing: sometimes, it sure feels...read more

State of the School 2019

Post date November 8th, 2019
Thank you to everyone who joined us in person and via the Facebook broadcast last evening for the presentation of the 2019 State of the School. It was a pleasure to share with all of you a look at where Belmont Day is today and where we've challenged ourselves to get to tomorrow. Your questions and feedback are extremely valuable and we wish to keep the discussions started last night rolling into the days and weeks ahead. So please reach out to me at any time. If you were unable to attend the State of the School or couldn't view it online, a video of the presentation and the accompanying...read more

We'll Save You a Seat for the State of the School

Post date November 1st, 2019
Happy November everyone! It is hard to believe it is already here. And yet, as I look back on a very busy start-of-the-year calendar, I shouldn’t be too surprised to have turned the page to November. We’ve been doing quite a bit around here as the year has really hit its groove. In the midst of that shared busyness–whether you’re cheering at a home game, attending your grade level social, coming to hear from our partners at McLean Hospital, or showing up for a sharing assembly–it may be easy to lose track of all that is happening on and about campus on a given weeknight. Allow me, then, to...read more

Women Dominating Their Fields, But Not Always the News

Post date October 25th, 2019
Are you following any of these names in the news or on your social networks: Simone Biles, Coco Gauff, Jessica Meir, Christina Koch, Katie Bouman, and Brigid Kosgei? If you aren't familiar with Simone Biles, I encourage you to tune into the 2020 Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo this summer. Simone Biles is the single most decorated female gymnast in history, and at the 2019 FIG World Championships had not one, but two separate athletic feats named after her. One of them, a double-twisting double backflip, has changed gymnastic floor routines, although she is the only one who can perform it...read more