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Happy Summer

Post date June 10th, 2022
These are exciting days here at Belmont Day as we are in the flurry of celebrations and traditions that will close out the school year. It will be exciting to experience an in-person Moving Up Assembly where we marvel at our students’ physical and academic growth. Teachers have been hard at work drafting final student reports that will serve as the closing punctuation for each learner this year. Soon enough, they will be available for you to read and reflect on your child's growth and progress over the semester. I encourage you to take a close look at your child’s school photo that appears on...read more


Post date June 3rd, 2022
Memorial Day Weekend traditionally serves as the unofficial start to summer, marking the transition to warmer weather, longer days, and a change in schedule for many. For those of us who work in schools or have school-age children, summer is the start of a less predictable schedule (although maybe less so in the last couple of years) and more opportunities for free time and leisurely activities outdoors. Some parents have spent months making plans for vacations, trips, camps, and childcare arrangements. And as school winds down, they will begin preparing children to make the mental leap to...read more

My Summer Reading List: 13 Titles for 13 Weeks

Post date May 27th, 2022
I offer one of my favorite annual traditions: my summer reading list. What follows here is shared with you in the hopes that this year–for the first time–I might be successful in reading a book a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Thirteen weeks. Thirteen books. (My record remains 11.5.) As poet Jenny Xie once wrote: “Reading is migratory, an act of transport, from one life to another, one mind to another. Just like geographic travel, reading involves estrangement that comes with the process of dislocating from a familiar context. I gather energy from this kind of movement, this estranging...read more

Celebrating Faculty Milestones

Post date May 20th, 2022
Kurt Robinson – 10 years From the days of the iD8 lab in the Schoolhouse to the IMPACT Lab, the makerspace in the Barn that he named, Kurt Robinson has been a leader of technology and innovation at Belmont Day for ten years. Kurt has been everywhere throughout his time here—in each grade-level classroom teaching technology and middle school arts, and as a middle school advisor. The lab is aptly named, as it aligns seamlessly with the hallmarks of Kurt’s teaching: his Imagination; his willingness to Make a difference; his love of Play as a coach in the classroom and on the tennis courts; his...read more

Welcome to Belmont Day! An Admissions Season Like No Other

Post date May 16th, 2022
As the Belmont Day admissions team ties a bow on its second virtual season, I appreciate this opportunity to reflect on the past year and a half since I first joined Belmont Day. Amid the pandemic, arriving as a new director of admissions in August 2020 was a unique and challenging experience. The campus was very sparsely populated. My new colleagues and I were socially distancing from one another, and without any summer campers filling the hallways, I felt I had walked into an invisible storm. As I glanced out of my office window at a beautiful, sparkling pool and the sun bouncing off a...read more

Trudy Eyges and 37 Day School Lane

Post date April 29th, 2022
When I arrived at Belmont Day, one of the first neighbors I was introduced to was Gertrude ‘Trudy’ Eyges. At 94 years young, Trudy was a BDS regular, using our photocopier for the fliers that advertised the Tai Chi classes she offered in her backyard, connecting with Lino Medeiros or Anderson Santos about the maintenance of her driveway during a big snowstorm, or looking for takers to replant one of her beloved rhododendrons that dotted her front yard. Trudy introduced herself to me in French as she went on one of her many walks around the front circle of the Schoolhouse, and I remember...read more

Capstone 2022: 40 Incredible Journeys

Post date April 15th, 2022
As we head into the April break, it is my hope that you will join me in reflecting over the course of this break on all that we have had the privilege of learning from our eighth grade Capstone presenters. Over the past seven school days, we have had the honor of learning from this group of young experts on everything from sustainable fashion to blacksmithing to cancer immunotherapy. I have the great privilege of attending every Capstone presentation, and each year I am left in awe at the expertise of the presenters. As has become a bit of a tradition, I get to share–here in the Scoop–what I’...read more

Teaching Toward A Place of Belonging

Post date March 31st, 2022
Five years ago, I sat in a packed auditorium of soon-to-be Graduate School of Education master's students at Lesley University who were all looking for jobs in the Boston area. The mood in the room was palpable: inquisitive fear with a dash of hubris. I looked around the room, remembering the excitement and anxiety-fueled process of trying to land my first teaching job. A panel of principals and human resource representatives from public, charter, and independent schools was on the stage. They looked powerful and intimidating as they adjusted their papers and ensured their microphones were...read more

Being Seen

Post date March 25th, 2022
How’s this for a sign of the times? A faculty member approached me last week with a thoughtful request. “Can we start wearing name tags again as a faculty?” she asked. “Now that we can see one another’s faces, I don’t recognize a lot of people.” What a world. As we have comfortably transitioned to a mask-optional protocol at school, it is heartening to see and feel the change in the community. As expected, respect for those students and faculty who are continuing to mask has been sincere and rooted in caring. Among those who have opted to remove their masks, seeing broad smiles or mouths...read more

It’s A Madhouse … And I’d Have It No Other Way!

Post date March 18th, 2022
Spoiler Alert … There will be no spoilers in this column about the incredible performance of “It’s a Madhouse!”. You’re going to have to see it for yourself! A screening of a video of the play will be held in the Barn, tonight, Friday, March 18 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The video will also be shared with all families via email. Seeing our seventh and eighth grade actors race across the stage in all directions this past week may have been the reset I have been waiting for. After the real-world craziness of the past two-plus years, witnessing (live in the PAC!) our skilled young actors commanding...read more