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Finding the Next Generation of Teachers

Post date January 13th, 2022
Children, no matter who they are or where they go to school, need educators who seek to know, support and challenge them by making learning relevant, engaging, and relational. Helping create caring teachers who know how to connect with and inspire their students is central to Belmont Day’s Associate Teacher Program. Our associate teacher program is proudly now in its 29th year, and I feel that its mission has never been more critical. These past two years have shown our world the incredible importance of educators, and the eight associate teachers at BDS today have chosen to enter the...read more

Welcome Back, Belmont Day

Post date January 6th, 2022
I suspect this winter break was a welcome one for many: a chance to take a breath, reflect on the year that has passed, and see more clearly all that we hope for in 2022. For me, amid that reflection, I was struck by the news of Desmond Tutu’s passing. Growing up at a time of less globalization and less immediacy of information about the world, I remember learning of the atrocity of apartheid through fragments of news stories shared by my parents and teachers and marveling at the courage of three men: Nelson Mandela, Stephen Biko, and Desmond Tutu. I was in high school when the South African...read more

A Season of Sharing

Post date December 17th, 2021
As it always does, winter break arrives just in time. In the absence of a Share the Warmth Assembly to share our traditional winter poem, I have decided, instead, to share it with you here as we all wait for the long silence of a well-deserved break to rest, be with loved ones, and find peace as we welcome winter and the new year. Have a great break, BDS. See you in 2022! The Snow Arrives After Long Silence By Nancy Willard The snow arrives after long silence from its high home where nothing leaves tracks or strains or keeps time. The sky it fell from, pale as oatmeal, bears up like sheep...read more

The Show Will Go On Now

Post date December 9th, 2021
There is a Broadway stage tradition known as the ‘ghost light’‚—a single incandescent bulb that shines on the stage when the theater is otherwise dark. That constant light serves two purposes: practically, it helps anyone backstage or on stage see where they are; but more importantly and symbolically, it serves as a reminder that someday, the actors, the set, and the performances will be back. On March 11 of 2020, one of the most painful results of our decision to close the school due to the oncoming pandemic was the cancellation of the seventh and eighth grade’s production of Seussical, the...read more

Thanksgiving In All Its Many Forms

Post date December 3rd, 2021
What a difference a year makes. Last November the world was still learning how to function while in the midst of a pandemic. Although we feared what would happen with health protocols, most were very safe, and many families had an altered Thanksgiving dinner at home with just their immediate families. This year with vaccinations for adults and older children, boosters, and first shots for younger children, the November holiday seemed to bring hope. From faculty members and students, I have heard about the diverse ways the holiday was observed in a world still grappling with a pandemic and...read more

A Time for Rest in the BDS Garden

Post date November 12th, 2021
We’ve reached that point in the fall where the colorful patterns around us begin to dull, and hints of winter start to appear. For our natural surroundings, there’s some rest ahead. For us, however, there’s still more work to be done! This Sunday, we have our final garden workday for the fall–an annual gathering to put the garden “to bed” for the winter. In what is, to me, a joyous shared ritual, we will cover the beds with hay and put down additional mulch on the paths. We will also weed, rake, clear, and prep the beds to protect them from the worst of the winter weather. It’s time to take...read more

Creating the Optimal Conditions for Learning

Post date November 5th, 2021
We are now two months into the school year and our campus is buzzing with discussions, lightbulb moments, supported struggles, and joyful explorations. All of our classrooms, pre-kindergarten to eighth grade, bear witness to the strength of connections within this community, how carefully teachers scaffold information, the depth of curricular excellence, and how willing adults are to create environments that allow for mistakes, missteps, and amends. I continue to reflect on the difference between this fall and last fall with the help of Elena Aguilar Educational Leadership article, “ Emerging...read more

Discussion: A Step Closer to COVID Vaccine Approval For Children

Post date October 29th, 2021
Many of you have by now heard the uplifting news that on Tuesday of this week, the Food and Drug Administration announced that it has reviewed and recommended the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine for children between the ages of five and eleven after a thorough review of Pfizer’s findings on its safety and efficacy. This means that an emergency use authorization is likely to be announced in the coming days. This is news that we have been waiting for at BDS since last March. The prospect of a vaccinated school community brings us another step closer to experiencing school as we remember it from before...read more

DEI Stands for Common Ground

Post date October 22nd, 2021
They drew a circle that shut me out Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout But love and I had the wit to win We drew a circle and took them in¹ – Edwin Markham, Outwitted The “D” in DEI, standing for diversity, leaves some people with the impression that DEI focuses on differences, which only increases divisions between people. The “E” in DEI, standing for equity, leaves some people wondering why equality - treating everyone identically - is not what we should aim for. The “I” in DEI, standing for inclusion, leaves some people worried that their particular views and wishes might be pushed aside to...read more

Up to Cardigan Again

Post date October 15th, 2021
Our seventh grade students and faculty are less than a week away from their trip to Cardigan Mountain in the White Mountain National Forest. Hiking Cardigan is a beloved annual BDS tradition that began with the creation of our middle school. We’ve missed only one year since then: 2020. After that year without them, the preparations, planning, and anticipation by students, families, and teachers have never felt sweeter. Finding our way back to the milestones and traditions that were put on hold for health and safety reasons over the last year and a half has been an ongoing journey that...read more