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Mobilizing For The Unknown

Post date March 30th, 2020
Way back it seems now, my weekly meetings with Brendan consisted of discussing, planning, and executing a long list of tasks from big picture strategic issues to mundane, but essential, logistics. Three weeks ago that changed dramatically as the topic of the coronavirus took center stage. Over the next week, research began, and structures created. My beloved curriculum review work was set aside as we dedicated faculty meeting time to planning for a virus that hadn’t yet reached our towns or schools. Faculty leaped into the unknown with an energy that was palpable, designing developmental...read more

Studio Week

Post date March 6th, 2020
New and useful. That’s how we have come to define innovation here at BDS—ideas and practices that are new and useful to our students and our community. In recent days, when I have been able to pull my head up from coronavirus news, I have seen innovation front and center here at Belmont Day. If you haven’t yet perused the pages of the Belmont Day Magazine , I encourage you to explore this most recent issue centered around innovation. The articles highlight the places where innovation manifests in our program, reminding us that excellence in teaching and learning never rests. Additionally,...read more

Learning From the Complicated Legacy of Dr. Seuss

Post date February 28th, 2020
I haven’t yet met the person who can’t recall with vivid detail their earliest encounters with the joyful and lyrical language of Dr. Theodore Seuss Geisel, affectionately known as Dr. Seuss. His stories shaped the memories for so many of their earliest days as a reader and learner. They playfully tumble from the lips of parents reading Yertle the Turtle or Horton Hears a Who to their children. For me, the story of The Lorax—that curious and rather crotchety old orange creature that emerges from a fallen Truffula Tree telling of the perils of mistreating the environment—is more than a mere...read more

The Benefits of a Break

Post date February 14th, 2020
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, and by the time you are reading this: happy February vacation! As you head off, I hope you find that a break from the daily routine and structure of school provides you with the benefits intended from time away. A quick perusal of any number of psychological health and wellness websites and articles speaks to the importance of intentionally taking time for rest and rejuvenation. The doctors and researchers seem to agree: vacations can improve mental and physical health, and they can lead to a greater sense of well being on the whole. I am hopeful, too, that the...read more

Excellence Made Visible

Post date February 7th, 2020
Happy February everyone! I have spent the past week thinking a lot about what a whole child education looks like to an outside observer, a visitor to campus, or a prospective parent. This first week of February has offered, as most weeks do, a nice collection of offerings here at BDS to make that vision clear. On this Spirit Day, as I write decked out in blue and gold for tonight’s Friday Night Hoops match-up, it is impossible not to see the ways in which we work to honor the excellence of our student-athletes. Whether they’re with their classmates in PE or in a game with another middle...read more

The Power of Three

Post date January 31st, 2020
I am a big believer in the power of three. Whether considering the structural strength of the triangle, the magic of literary characters like Harry, Ron, and Hermione, or the masterful speechwriter’s rhetorical device of delivering ideas in threes, I have always believed in and subscribed to the power that a group of three things can have. So, what three things are preoccupying me as we turn the calendar page from January to February? The same three things that always do at this time of year: admissions, high school placement, and hiring. Three fundamentally critical aspects of our school’s...read more

Golden Lessons

Post date January 24th, 2020
Just outside the Downing Gym, a display case features the annual eighth grade recipients of Belmont Day’s Coaches’ Award—a recognition that is rooted in our six core values. The award honors athletes who bring our mission and their character to life as school leaders on the playing fields. In 2016, Mia Biotti was a Coaches’ Award recipient. A Belmont Day lifer, having attended from pre-k through eighth grade, Mia exemplified the values of excellence, honesty, respect, responsibility, caring, and joy, not just through athletics, but in all that she did as a student here. It is no surprise then...read more

Why I Give

Post date January 17th, 2020
Giving is a statement of our convictions, and these days at Belmont Day, it is impossible not to feel immensely grateful for the generosity of our families, faculty, and students as we begin 2020. The size alone is a statement, the mountain of donated oatmeal boxes—all destined for Pine Street Inn to support their work providing the homeless with a warm meal, a friendly face, and a reminder of our shared humanity. This growing collection of oatmeal is a reminder of the power of giving to a worthy cause, especially on the heels of the holiday season, when our culture of commercialism can...read more

Happy New Year, BDS!

Post date January 10th, 2020
I hope that my first column of the decade finds each of you eagerly embracing the promise of a new year. And, however you rang in 2020, I hope that the idea of a new year inspired equal doses of reflection and aspiration for you. Faced with the state of our world–tensions flaring in the Middle East, wildfires raging across Australia, an impeachment process boiling on Capitol Hill, and other complicated news igniting nearly everywhere we look–I found myself wrestling with the notion of a New Year’s resolution that would be meaningful and substantive enough to make, yet grounded enough to keep...read more

Winter Break Reflection

Post date December 20th, 2019
As Jim Walker, our intrepid associate director of marketing and communications noted in his weekly appeal for me to write this week, this is the last Scoop article of the decade. While my reflections on the decade itself will come in the new year, I cannot imagine a better voice to carry us into the holidays and another decade than the lyrical voice of Robert Frost. Today, at our Share the Warmth assembly, I shared this winter poem that captures both the beauty and the hope of the season. I share it with you in the same spirit and wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season. Birches...read more