Welcome to Middle School

Build a Bridge to the Future

We believe that the middle grades are not in the middle at all: they are the launching point of an adolescent's personal and academic trajectory. That's why our middle school students will tell you that the initials BDS stand for Be Yourself, Do the Right Thing, and Strive for Success. We expect that they will stretch themselves, explore opportunities for leadership, and observe how their actions make a difference.

Our focus on the development of both cognitive and non-cognitive skills in young adolescents positions our students for future success. In our secure environment, they can be who they are—young people in a time of transition, but they are readied to face the tough challenges they'll encounter on the path to who they will become.

By the end of eighth grade at Belmont Day, students know themselves better than they ever thought possible. They’re able to speak with confidence in front of an audience; to present their knowledge and opinions eloquently. They’re better able to lead, to collaborate, to express their own thoughts, and to listen to those of others. They’re matched to an ideal high school, and are prepared and inspired to go on and make their ambitions a reality.

Located in the heart of Belmont, our private middle school is made up of students from all over the nearby areas, including: Winchester, Medford, Woburn, Cambridge, Newton, Waltham, Watertown, Arlington, Lexington, Lincoln, MA, and beyond.

Welcome from the Middle School Head

Step inside any middle school classroom at Belmont Day, and you will find students exploring, experimenting, and investigating. They will be engaged in their pursuit of high-school ready skills, delivered through a rich curriculum and by an experienced and collaborative group of adults who are committed to the adolescent learner. Read more →