An eighth grade ensembles student with her tuba

Ensembles Program

Lower School Chorus
The lower school chorus is open to any student who is interested in singing with peers, developing healthy vocal techniques, and performing at community events. Students will learn the basics of choral singing, vocal warm-ups, and musicianship. Repertoire will include classical, pop, jazz, gospel, R&B, hip-hop, and more. The chorus performs at the winter and spring concerts.

Middle School Chorus
Participants will learn healthy vocal technique, sight-reading skills, and choral singing through engaging and fun warm-ups and games. Students will sing in unison and in two- and three-part harmony. Repertoire will include classical music, jazz standards, Broadway show tunes, and popular songs. Singers will select some of their own repertoire and collaborate to make arrangement decisions. The middle school chorus performs at the winter and spring concerts.

Orchestra, Orchestra Extension, Orchestra Enrichment
Members must have a foundation of technical proficiency that will allow them to develop the skills necessary to perform in a small ensemble. Note reading is necessary for participation, and private lessons are highly recommended for success. Students will study and perform challenging ensemble music of varying periods. The orchestra performs at the winter and spring concerts.

Cello Ensemble
Participants will focus on solo, chamber music, and orchestra performance techniques. Instructional emphasis is placed on intonation, coordination, the balance between voices, and communication and projection in settings with and without a conductor. Students must have basic music reading skills. Repertoire includes traditional folk songs, classical, and popular music.

Guitar Ensemble – Grades 3 to 5
This ensemble is geared toward younger students who are just starting to learn to play. Participants will work on playing melodies, accompanying, improvising, reading music, and playing by ear. No experience is necessary to join, but private lessons are strongly recommended.

Guitar Ensemble – Grades 6 to 8
This ensemble is open to guitarists who have had at least six months of weekly lessons and are able to read music. Participants will play a variety of music styles, and skills such as playing melody, accompaniment, and improvisation will be developed. This ensemble performs at the winter, spring, and ensembles celebration concerts.

Wind Ensemble
The wind ensemble is open to students who read music and play woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. A variety of music will be explored and performed. This ensemble performs at the winter and spring concerts.

World Drumming Ensemble
The drumming ensemble is open to all—the only requirement is curiosity and enthusiasm. Participants will play along with great recordings, watch videos, and learn basic beats and techniques by ear and through group improvisation. This ensemble performs at the winter and spring concerts.

Modern Band – Grades 5 to 8
This ensemble is open to students who are interested in using their voice and instruments like keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, and technology to appreciate, connect with, and perform popular music. Repertoire will be student-centered and will include rock, folk, pop, reggae, hip-hop, R & B music, and more. Participants will practice and perform individually and in small-group settings using their ears, chord charts, tablature, and standard music notation to learn and play songs.

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