Grade 8 Study Skills and Support

Advisory Program, Resource Time, and Learning Support

Of utmost importance are the relationships that students develop with their teachers and each other. The advisory program is designed to develop a strong group dynamic, extend the student adult relationship beyond the academic classroom, identify a trusted adult who knows and can advocate for all facets of a student, and to teach the social skills necessary for students to build positive relationships with peers and adults

Resource time is a time when all faculty and students are free. Students have the time seek help from peers or adults, meet with teachers, and correct, extend, and complete work. This time teaches students to advocate for themselves, identify their strengths and challenges, and manage their academic work load.

In addition, the learning specialist works with students as a whole group, in small groups, and individually. In conjunction with the learning specialist, teachers strive to help students with explicit strategies for writing, for studying, and for tackling assessments.