Grade 8 Capstone

The Capstone Project is a culminating work of independent study, completed by each eighth grade student under the guidance of a dedicated faculty mentor. It demonstrates each student's unique interests and his or her written oral, organizational, and production skills.

Eighth grade students will:

  • identify a major interest or area of new discovery
  • do preliminary research and take notes using technology
  • create a cohesive outline that addresses the question they seek to answer and that relates directly to the thesis statement
  • write and edit a formal eight to ten page paper complete with standard citations and bibliography
  • create a project that complements the study
  • meet weekly with a faculty or staff mentor and lead the meeting to ensure that work is timely, complete, and excellent
  • arrange for components of the project: interviews, videos, construction, etc.
  • prepare a twenty-minute presentation that will be given to peers, parents, faculty, and guests
  • be ready to field questions from their audience
  • reflect on the experience in order to build on it in high school
Explore the Class of 2021's Capstone research topics.

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Explore the Class of 2021's Capstone research topics.

Capstone Research Topics