Grade 7 Social Studies

The seventh grade social studies curriculum begins with a focus on geography so that students can use place as part of the context for their historical understandings and for research. They then explore the European expansion and occupation of North America, Westward expansion, Sub-Saharan Africa’s pre-colonial kingdoms, the rise of the Atlantic Slave Trade, as well as current events and food systems. Students engage in regular reading assignments, non-fiction writing projects, debate, classroom presentations, and research papers.

Seventh grade students will:

  • paraphrase, summarize, and identify main ideas from a variety of non-fiction sources including primary sources
  • connect information from multiple sources 
  • identify, understand, and appreciate multiple points of view
  • provide evidence to support opinions, especially in debate
  • employ effective research techniques include conventional citation and bibliography
  • create effective introductory, body, and concluding paragraphs
  • plan, organize and deliver presentations
  • respond thoughtfully to questions
  • actively participate in class discussions
  • enhance collaborative skills
  • harness technology tools such as databases and Noodletools to find information and organize work needed for effective research