Grade 7 Social Competency and Health and Wellness

The comprehensive social competency and health and wellness curriculum provides an opportunity for students to learn about structures and importance of community, personal relationships, and healthy individual choices. In the middle school, the curriculum aims to help students confront and understand many complex issues. The Choices curriculum for seventh and eighth graders centers on making good choices in life and putting your best self forward. Students work with a team of four faculty members to explore such issues as: friendship, inclusiveness, LGBTQ topics, drugs, and adolescence. Interviewing and preparing for high school and on-demand writing are also covered.

Seventh grade students will:

  • learn the elements of positive social skills: cooperation, assertion, responsibility, self-control, and empathy
  • identify the similarities and differences in people in terms of needs, emotions, and cultures
  • respect and care for themselves psychologically and biologically
  • demonstrate respect for community members through the use of respectful language, actions, and attitudes
  • have questions answered about personal and sexual health, safety and consequences, drugs and alcohol consumption 

Topics of study:

  • What is adolescence?
  • Gender roles and social expectations
  • Emotional health
  • Physical health
  • Self-care, including healthy choices
  • Sexual health, including identity
  • Navigating interpersonal relationships