Grade 7 English

The seventh grade English curriculum focuses on active and critical reading, reflective and creative writing, and thoughtful and substantive discussion. Attention is given to both skill development and classroom participation. The theme of conformity and nonconformity especially resonates with adolescents. We challenge our students to answer the following essential questions:

How much freedom does an individual need?

  • How do social expectations impact the way we behave?
  • What is the individual’s relationship to society?
  • How does an author clearly show character?
  • What are the best practices of successful writers?

Units of study have included short stories, poetry, plays, biographies, graphic novels, and novels. Recent titles include Macbeth, Of Mice and Men, Born A Crime, and Persepolis.

Seventh grade students students will:

  • read actively, closely, and critically

  • analyze literary elements: tone, symbol, characterization, theme, author's intent, and plot structure
  • compose critical discussion questions related to reading
  • engage in a variety of discussion formats
  • write reflectively, critically, and creatively in a variety of genres: creative, descriptive, literary analysis, persuasive, and narrative
  • use direct evidence from texts to support ideas
  • learn, practice, and employ effective essay structure
  • create their own short story informed by structure, elements, and devices of acclaimed writers
  • develop ability to smoothly integrate quotes into writing
  • develop knowledge of complex sentence structure, vocabulary, and grammar