Grade 6 Study Skills and Support

Sixth graders have time during the school day to reach out to teachers and seek their advice, support, and help. Scaffolding for big projects is done in a thoughtful way, and students use a binder system created to help them with organizational skills. In conjunction with the learning specialist, teachers strive to help students with explicit strategies for writing, for studying, and for tackling assessments. The learning specialist works with students as a whole group, in small groups, and individually.

Sixth grade students will practice:

  • homework strategies: understanding expectations, what does “complete” look like, breaking up long-term independent projects, roadblock helpers, and planning
  • executive function strategies: planning and starting with an end product in mind, prioritizing, monitoring and reevaluating, and time management
  • test-taking strategies: organization of materials, what strategy works best for you, difference between short answer and long answer questions, how to study for different types of assessments, and standardized vs. class content tests