Grade 6 Social Studies

As citizens of the world, it is incumbent on our sixth graders to understand and appreciate themselves and others. Beginning with the study of religions, students have an opportunity to be self-reflective researchers and presenters. Students then move on to study the civil rights movement through fiction, the legal system, history, role playing, primary sources, music and poetry. Individual projects encourage our students to independently pursue and effectively demonstrate an area of interest in a deep way. Students write a script, act, and incorporate relevant music into an evening dramatic presentation to share their understanding with their families. 

Our sixth graders will:

  • learn about themselves and learn to appreciate the perspectives of others
  • research five major religions and understand their tenets while comparing and contrasting them
  • learn how to take notes and collaboratively create a visual presentation using research and technology
  • critically read and analyze information
  • appreciate historical fiction’s contributions to our understanding
  • examine legal precedents and the issues of civil disobedience in the face of inequality
  • learn to use primary and secondary sources effectively including film, memoir, lyrics, interviews and poetry to understand people, times, and events
  • write and present a collaborative script examining the history of civil rights
  • choose, research, and create a compelling project to display understanding of an issue related to equity and social justice