Grade 6 Music

The sixth grade music program is organized into units that introduce students to bucket drumming, ukuleles, and composition. Every student learns about the basics of drumming technique and choreography. The drumming unit ends with a group drumming project that incorporates technique. Every student also learns about ukuleles and basic strumming patterns, chord charts, and chord progressions. The unit ends with a ukulele cover project in which students perform a cover of a song of their choice. Students also learn how to compose in 4 parts by learning about harmony, motif, and chord structures. The composition unit ends with students showcasing their composition on Noteflight. 

Sixth grade students will:

  • Learn about basic drumming technique including single stroke, double stroke, flam, and multiple bounce strokes
  • Learn about choreography such as line and circle formation 
  • Compose a complex drumming routine in a group and perform it 
  • Learn about how to read chord charts and lead sheets for ukulele 
  • Learn techniques such as strumming patterns, and individual plucking patterns 
  • Perform a cover of a song of choice
  • Learn about how to incorporate motifs, instrumentation, harmony, and chords in a composition
  • Practice applying notation through instrumental composition