Grade 5 Woodworking and 21st Century Skills

The fifth grade woodworking and 21st century skills class is designed to improve problem-solving skills and foster independent thinking. The course’s projects encourage students to think creatively and flexibly in order to address the challenges presented to them. The process emphasizes communication, collaboration, and positive group dynamics. A combination of woodworking skills and engineering design instruction is provided during the course.

The fifth grade robotics session is designed to facilitate the development of independent thinking and problem solving. The course’s work encourages students to think creatively addressing the challenges presented to them in engineering and programming terms. Each student team develops a program to guide their robot around the media lab. Various sensors are introduced, making the programming task more complex yet simplifying the robot's ability to travel. The student teams communicate together, solving programming obstacles encountered during the robot's travels.

Our students will:

  • draws plans for projects
  • discuss plans and outcomes of projects
  • measure accurately
  • develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • follow a process from design drawing to a finished project
  • collaborate with team members