Grade 5 Visual Arts

Students in fifth grade continue to explore a wide variety of materials and processes. As they engage in the world of visual expression, students learn about artistic concepts such as color, shape, texture, contrast, form, and pattern. They draw, sculpt, paint, print, and combine materials to create two and three-dimensional artworks. As students design and develop their artworks, they explore self-expression and connections between visual art, nature, daily life, other artists, and cultures.

Fifth graders create their own sketchbooks in which they draw from observation and their imagination. Student art making experiences build upon the skills and techniques investigated in lower school and combine materials in new ways. Exploring with color, design, and the intersection of art and math, tessellations are a highlight of the fifth grade studio experience.

Past fifth grade art projects include:

  • tessellations inspired by M. C. Escher
  • relief block printing
  • clay storage cubes
  • counter-repousse
  • molas
  • painting scenery for class performing arts production