Grade 5 Social Studies

The fifth grade humanities curriculum focuses on immigration to the United States—the history and story of the journey of immigrants and the treatment people encountered before, during and after immigrating. Students will discuss, analyze, reflect, and write about how perspective impacts the ways that people think, feel, and act. They will investigate how people are categorized or identified and the impact of that identification. Studying and examining history through multiple perspectives and experiences provides opportunities for students to practice important thinking and analyzing skills. Lessons will prime students for the rigorous text critique and analysis they will do in middle school, as well as increase their capacity to honor and value differences.

Social Studies

Our fifth grade students will:

  • identify specific people and places affected by history
  • understand the impact historic events have had on a variety of cultures and traditions
  • understand how history affects and influences current events
  • develop independent interest in social studies
  • develop research, observation, map use, reading, writing, and study skills
  • strengthen their sense of belonging and responsibility to a community
  • broaden their understanding of and appreciation for human differences: religious, cultural, physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and generational
  • appreciate cultures in various periods of history by viewing artifacts and art
  • learn other points of view through literature, first-hand accounts, and reference materials
  • identify and understand stereotypes, bias, discrimination, prejudice, and other cultural misunderstandings in history
  • understand why people migrate and the effects on indigenous peoples and environments
  • complete and present research projects successfully

Topics of study:


  • The Tainos and Christopher Columbus 

  • Ellis Island

  • Angel Island 

  • Mexican Revolution