Grade 5 Social Studies

The fifth grade social studies curriculum consistently overlaps with reading and writing, the arts, and occasionally math or science. Teaching techniques are student-centered and encourage problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills. Large or small group activities may include: hands-on activities, role-playing, debates, creative projects, oral and silent reading, drama, field labs, discussion, literature, research, and media.

Our fifth grade students will:

  • understand major themes in the history of the United States from pre-Columbian civilization through the westward expansion
  • identify specific people and places affected by history
  • understand the impact historic events have had on a variety of cultures and traditions
  • understand how history affects and influences current events
  • encourage independent interest in social studies
  • improve their research, observation, map use, reading, writing, and study skills
  • strengthen their sense of belonging and responsibility to a community
  • broaden their understanding of and appreciation for human differences: religious, cultural, physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and generational
  • make and use effective time lines and local, national, and world maps
  • appreciate cultures in various periods of history by viewing artifacts and art
  • learn other points of view through literature, first-hand accounts, and reference materials
  • identify and understand stereotypes, bias, discrimination, prejudice, and other cultural misunderstandings in history
  • understand why people migrate and the effects on indigenous peoples and environments
  • complete and present research projects successfully
  • perform role-play exercises and participate in problem-solving activities to learn about the people and problems of the past

Topics of study:

  • Immigration
  • Pre-Columbian cultures
  • Colonial America exploration and settlement
  • American Revolution
  • Introduction to American government
  • American presidents