Grade 5 Social Competency and Health and Wellness

The fifth grade social competency and health and wellness curriculum provides an opportunity for students to learn about structures and importance of community, personal relationships, and healthy individual choices. Students learn about eating and exercising to maintain healthy bodies, and they explore the topics of friendships and the physical and emotional changes that happen during puberty.

Note: Some elements of the fifth grade health and wellness curriculum are part of the fifth grade science curriculum.

Our fifth grade students will:

  • learn the elements of positive social skills: cooperation, assertion, responsibility, self-control, and empathy
  • discover the similarities and differences in people in terms of needs, emotions, and cultures
  • respect and care for their own body
  • show respect for all community members through the use of respectful language, actions, and attitudes
  • follow classroom expectations
  • develop negotiating skills
  • learn conflict resolution skills
  • demonstrate the elements of being a good friend
  • communicate feelings and ideas
  • display leadership skills
  • understand how to be an upstander and an ally and the effects of bullying
  • learn male/female reproductive anatomy and physiology
  • learn about the human life cycle: puberty, fetal development, and infant development
  • develop positive self esteem/self image
  • develop listening skills

Topics of study:

Social Competency

  • Community building
  • Classroom expectations
  • Negotiation skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Qualities of a good friend
  • Emotional communication
  • Leadership skills

Health and Wellness

  • Male/female reproductive anatomy and physiology
  • Human life cycle
  • Self esteem/self image
  • Self-care: hygiene, stress relief, personal choices
  • Respecting differences