Grade 5 Focus

Focus class is a student support period that some students take in lieu of world language. In fifth grade, the main goal of Focus class, for students who are enrolled,  is to help foster students’ independence by using strategies and increasing their knowledge of how they learn best in order to demonstrate success in the classroom. The learning specialist supports students with explicit strategies for reading, writing, math, executive functioning, test taking, and navigating multistep assignments . The learning specialist works with students in small groups and individually during Focus.

Examples of topics covered in fifth grade Focus:

  • organization of text structures including: telling, showing relationships, sequencing, comparing and contrasting, showing cause and effect, and categorizing
  • time management: estimation, monitoring, planning, and organizing
  • study and test-taking strategies: how to study for different types of tests (i.e. math, social studies, reading)
  • memorization strategies
  • following direction strategies
  • monitoring strategies
  • homework strategies: what setting works best, how to break up longer assignments, and what to do when you hit a roadblock
  • summarizing, paraphrasing, and finding textual evidence
  • writing clear and detailed paragraphs
  • navigating multi-step math problems