Grade 3 Woodworking

Third graders enter the woodworking studio with the opportunity to build upon their woodworking skills and develop many new skills throughout the year. The students work on several projects such as the design and creation of an airplane, the magic marble cube, the "hole in a box" and a self selected project. The projects require accurate measuring, consistent sawing with a miter saw, drilling, nailing, and gluing individual parts. Emphasis is placed on cooperation, the ability to share tools and to offer assistance to peers in the woodworking studio.

Our third grade students will:

  • use tools to cut, measure, smooth, join, and finish projects
  • design, draw, and discuss plans for projects
  • recognize and use appropriate terminology
  • identify basic hand tools
  • demonstrate proper use and care of tools
  • learn accurate measuring skills
  • understand the properties of wood
  • develop safety habits