Grade 3 Music

The third grade music program is organized into units that introduce students to specific musical concepts through musical games, folk dances, and composition activities. Every student learns basic instrumental skills through Orff arrangements that include melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic parts. Students learn the basics of composition by identifying musical elements such as motif, ostinato, and harmony. Every class also has a component of individual and group singing. Students sing in unison, in rounds, and in two part harmony. 

Our third grade students:

  • Sing songs in unison and in two parts
  • Study musical form, dynamics, and steady beats through singing traditional folk dances 
  • Study various music genres and artists from around the world 
  • Read more complex rhythmic notation such as sixteenth notes, dotted quarter notes, and eighth rests
  • Perform rounds and partner songs in the Winter Concert 
  • Learn about ostinatos by performing rhythmic parts using drums, egg shakers, and tambourines
  • Learn about motifs by performing melodies on xylophones, boomwhackers, and piano 
  • Learn about harmonies by composing and performing during class