Grade 3 Information Literacy and Technology

In the third grade, students exercise mindfulness while using technology in a variety of ways. Students learn cursive writing fundamentals at their own pace by watching videos narrated by different faculty and staff members demonstrating proper letter formation as well as conduct research on ecosystems in the classroom. Students also learn how to leverage the online catalog to identify and locate materials. The librarian works closely with the classroom teachers to familiarize students with the research tools available to them in both the library and online. Information literacy lessons introduce the students to the structure of a library and particular search engines. The students use these tools when completing their in-depth research projects on the states in our country.

Our third grade students will:

  • conduct research using print and electronic tools
  • find books using the online catalog with assistance
  • understand there is a Dewey Decimal System to classify library materials
  • understand that libraries are places for finding information, for recreational reading, and for special programs throughout the year
  • distinguish among literary genres
  • recognize and choose intermediate chapter books for recreational reading
  • use geospatial resources to locate and identify landforms
  • locate fiction by author's last name
  • identify famous authors and illustrators
  • identify and use textual features on nonfiction books
  • use print and online resources such as encyclopedias, maps, and databases to locate information for personal or classroom research
  • use the library independently for locating, selecting, and borrowing materials