Class Descriptions

Session 3

Spring 2020: Monday, March 16 to Friday, June 5

Session 3 Class Descriptions
Enrollment for Belmont Day students and for students attending other schools is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that community enrollment is limited and all classes described below may not be available.


Dance Club {3:30-4:30 p.m., pre-k, kindergarten, grade 1 | Ms. Chanel}

The class incorporates fun and intricate choreography with routines and fast-paced music. Participants will explore modern techniques and hip hop influences.

Once Upon a Song {3:30-4:30 p.m., pre-k & kindergarten  | Ms. Ziering}

Students will participate in a wide range of musical experiences including rhythmic speech, movement, games, singing, playing pitched and unpitched percussion instruments, improvisation, composition, recognizing music terms, and listening to various styles of music.

Secret Agent Lab {3:30-4:30 p.m., grades 1-2 | Mad Science Teacher}

Look out 007—the Mad Science Spy Academy is in session! Students will have the opportunity to check out spy equipment and even create their own edible messages. They will decode messages with the Secret Code Breaker and detect clues with the Undercover Observer. Students will take a complete undercover kit home at the end of class.

Will it Float {3:30-4:30 p.m., grades 3-5 | Ms. Buck}

Cardboard + tape + creativity = A BOAT. Students will create and test designs to build a cardboard boat that they can actually climb into. They will experiment with buoyancy, drag, and absorption and learn about classic boat designs in maritime history. We plan to test our boats by paddling them across the Belmont Day pool in a cardboard boat regatta!


Frozen Forever {3:30-4:30 p.m., pre-k, kindergarten, grade 1 | Mr. Parsons}

The magic of Disney returns to Belmont Day with this class centering on Frozen 2! Through the use of dramatic play, arts, crafts, and ice magic, students will revisit their memories of Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and the whole Frozen gang.

BDS Superheroes {3:30-4:30 p.m., grades 1-2 | Ms. Buck}

Using popular Marvel and DC Comics superheroes for inspiration, our superheroes will engage in imaginative play while learning about challenges in our community. Students will develop their own superhero persona that incorporates positive character traits and super abilities. Each class will engage students’ problem-solving and design thinking skills to create positive solutions.

Master Chef - French Baking {3:30-4:30 p.m., grades 3-6 | Chef Lightbody and Mme. Pellenq}

This is a mini-enrichment class that will meet on March 31, April 7, 14, 28, and May 5

Students will learn how to make delicious treats in this immersive class while speaking French and learning French cooking terms. Eclairs, Tarte Tatin, and ice cream made from Creme Anglaise await! While learning French is part of the class, no previous knowledge of French is required.


Yoga Theater {3:30-4:30 p.m., pre-k to grade 3 | Ms. Peterman}

Yoga improves strength, flexibility, and coordination, and fosters an environment of self-empowerment and respect for others. The class incorporates yoga games, breath exercises, basic anatomy, and meditation.

Art Unplugged {3:30-4:30 p.m., kindergarten to grade 3 | Ms. Meditz}

This class creates a relaxed atmosphere for participants to let their creativity flow.Students will be presented with base projects as a starting point for experimentation and self-expression. A wide array of inspiring and unusual materials they will be provided for the creation of unique abstract and realistic works.

Novel Experience: Publishing & Book Making {3:30-4:30 p.m., grades 3-5 | Ms. Lamenzo}

Students will learn the process of brainstorming, character development, drafting, peer editing, illustrating, and finally, publishing their own book. Each week we’ll work on story development. The final books will be sent to a publisher for printing. Please note, students may have some tasks to complete at home between classes.


Tumblebus I and II {I - 3:30-4:30 p.m., pre-k & kindergarten | II - 4:30-5:30 p.m., pre-k & kindergarten | Ms. Jenny}

Tumblebus is a converted school bus fully padded and filled with gymnastics equipment that provides a safe and fun environment for children to explore physical fitness. Equipment includes monkey bars, balance beams, trampoline, slide, zip line, bars, rings, springboard, mountain, and more. All activities are held inside the climate-controlled bus; no transportation of students is involved.

Junk Drawer Engineers {3:30-4:30 p.m., grades 1-2 | Ms. Buck}

No technology? No problem! Using materials found in a junk drawer or recycling bin, between the couch cushions or under the bed, students will work to solve design challenges. Students should be prepared to think outside of the box and use creative and sometimes unexpected approaches and materials to solving these design challenges.

Take Center Stage {grades 3 to 5 | Mr. Parsons}

Take Center Stage offers a wide range of creative activities including speech, dramatic movement, improvisation, snippets, and rehearsed scenes. This class is designed to enhance and extend the acting skills that students have developed in their theater arts classes. Parents and friends will be invited to a short, scripted performance at the end of the session.


World Drumming {1-2 p.m., pre-k to grade 2 | Mr. Rubinshteyn}

An in-depth exploration of the ancient art of drumming, this class will feature rhythms, songs, and folklore involving drumming. Students will learn percussion, call and response, rhythmic games, and a develop a passion for drumming.

Soccer {2-3 p.m., pre-k to grade 2 | GPS Coaches}

The Super Soccer Stars program was developed by a team of early childhood, soccer, and behavioral specialists. Their licensed and experienced coaches will introduce sophisticated skills, support technical improvement, and foster social development in a fun, non-competitive environment that is guaranteed to have each participant learning and having a blast from the moment the whistle blows.

Chess 1 & 2 {Chess 1 - 1 p.m., Chess 2 - 2 p.m., grades 1 to 8 | Mr. Foygel}

Nationally recognized player and 2012 New England Championship Igor Foygel will teach the tactics, history, and theory of the game. Mr. Foygel is a patient teacher who loves the game and helping students develop logic and strategic thinking so they will love it, too.

Martial Arts {1-2 p.m., grades 1 to 8 | Sensei Bobby}

Instructor Bobby Giordano from American Martial Arts Center, will teach self- defense skills—including kicking, boxing, and grappling—that will increase your child’s confidence, agility, speed, and power. Please be aware this class works toward developing self-control and self-discipline. Students will test their limits, as well as understand the expectations of a Martial Arts Dojo that included seriousness, determination, and sincerity.

Reverse Engineering {2-3 p.m., grades 3 to 5 | Ms. Vicki}

Using the design and engineering process, students will create a plan for building a sculpture, robot, or creature using parts from old machines that they have disassembled themselves. Basic safety and proper use of screwdrivers, hand drills, hammers, hot glue guns, and saws will be covered. There will be time each class for students to enjoy tinkering and testing out new ideas and theories. We encourage you to bring in old cameras, remote controls, or other small electronics. No prior experience is necessary.

Digital Painting {1-2 p.m., grades 3-5 | Makers Workshop Instructor}

Students will dive into creating art digitally in this hands-on class. They will use design software and Apple Pencils to bring their visions to life. Projects will range from engravable personal logos to landscape paintings printed as posters.

A student holds her project