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Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Classes

Each trimester Belmont Day offers a range of exciting classes led by enthusiastic teachers. 

Enrichment classes are offered Monday through Thursday, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis and is often limited to ten students per class. Our classes often fill, and when this occurs, we maintain waiting lists. 

To ensure the quality of the program, curriculum, and classroom community, we do not move students to alternate classes once the trimester has begun.

Below are our class offerings for Trimester 1 of the 2022-23 school year. New classes will be added in Trimesters 2 and 3. Details and enrollment information will be announced a few weeks prior to the start of the next trimester.

If an enrichment class must be unexpectedly canceled on a given day, students will join After School for the class period.


Yoga – pre-k to grade 2 | Mrs. Peterman | $305
Elementary-aged yogis will have an opportunity to build their focus, strength, flexibility, mindfulness, and self-management. Using games, music, and activities, this class explores yoga poses, breathing techniques, mindfulness, mind-body connection, emotions, self-calming tools, and more… while still being playful and fun!

Creative Wrting & Poetry – grades 3-5 | Mx. Nolan | $305
This class will create a community of passionate and curious writers to explore new genres together. Through exercises and examples, students will develop tools to find new ways to express themselves. What happens if a short story is written in the form of a news article? Can a group contribute to one piece of writing? What happens when visual and written arts merge? Participants will work together to find out!


Fashion Design – grades 3-5 | Ms. Brown | $400
Students will explore the fashion design process, experiencing each step of turning a creative vision into a piece of fashion. The class covers machine sewing, creative flair, how to sketch a design, and developing a mood board. Each student will create a pattern from their design and construct a functional piece of clothing.

It’s a Pirate/Princess Life for Me – pre-k & kindergarten | Mr. Parsons | $305
With crafts, movement activities, and games, students will explore plot lines and transform into exciting characters, including pirates, princesses, and more.

Bedtime Math – grades 1 & 2 | Mr. Fox | $305
The class will follow the curriculum of Laura Bilodeau Overdeck’s Bedtime Math. Participants will have a blast with mischief-making activities like Beach Ball Party, Funny Money, and Glow-in-the-Dark-City in our own BDS Crazy 8’s Club!


Movement Lab – pre-k & kindergarten | Mr. Ridore | $305
What happens when the princess saves herself? Or a prince falls in love with a prince? Or the villain is simply misunderstood? Students will read fairy and folk tales from around the world and dive into different perspectives on these classic tales. Activities include designing and building projects reflecting the stories they read.

Young Storytellers – grades 1 & 2 | Mx. Nolan | $305
Students will read favorite stories, talk about what makes them fun or interesting, and explore a variety of topics and genres to then write their own work inspired by the books they love.

Pottery and Ceramics – grades 3-5 | Ms. DeVecchi | $305
Students will be introduced to hand building and sculpture with clay. Projects include making animals, containers, tiles, and more using basic techniques. Along with structured projects, students will also have plenty of time for free experimentation and creativity. Pieces will be glazed and fired. No experience is necessary.


Fiber Arts – grades 1-2 | Ms. Brown | $305
This class will introduce students to textile art techniques such as knitting, crochet, embroidery, and felting. Students will end the class with a completed piece of art to bring home.

Action Bus – pre-k & kindergarten | Coach Jen | $375
This mobile gym features tumbling tools plus fun and age-appropriate obstacle courses. Students will learn to use a zip line, trapeze bar, and hanging rings while developing their gross motor and tumbling skills.

How To Be A Cartoonist – grades 3-5 | Mr. Todd | $450
Scholastic graphic novelist Jonathan Todd will teach students how to draw characters, creatures, and objects to write and illustrate their own comics and graphic novels to entertain themselves and others.

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