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Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Classes

Each trimester Belmont Day offers a range of exciting classes led by enthusiastic teachers.

Enrichment classes are offered Monday through Thursday, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis and is often limited to ten students per class. Our classes often fill, and when this occurs, we maintain waiting lists.

To ensure the quality of the program, curriculum, and classroom community, we do not move students to alternate classes once the trimester has begun.

Below are our class offerings for Trimester 1 of the 2023-24 school year.

If an enrichment class must be unexpectedly canceled on a given day, students will join After School for the class period.


Yoga – pre-k to grade 2 | Mrs. Peterman | $339
Students will build focus, strength, flexibility, mindfulness, and self-management through fun games, music, and activities. They will practice yoga poses, breathing techniques, self-calming tools, and more.

Outdoor Adventures – grades 1 & 2 | Mr. Fox | $339
Students will get outside and explore the amazing natural world right next to our campus. Activities will include hiking, tree and leaf identification, animal tracking, birding, and using tools such as binoculars, compasses, maps, and field journals.

LEGO Engineering – grades 3 to 5 | Ms. Shortt | $339
With LEGO Education Spike Essential kits, students might design and build their own amusement park or the fastest racecar in the land. With the power of LEGO bricks, motors, and block coding, they will bring robots to life.


Fractured Fairy Tales – pre-k & kindergarten | Mr. Parsons | $339
What happens when the princess saves herself? Or a prince falls in love with a prince? Or is the villain simply misunderstood? Students will read fairy and folk tales from around the world and explore different perspectives on these classic tales. Activities will include projects that reflect the books and the perspectives that students imagine.

Cartoon Art – grades 1 & 2 | Mr. Todd | $500
Cartoonist Jonathan Todd, author/illustrator of the graphic novel Timid (Scholastic/Graphix Spring 2024), will guide students to develop their drawing skills and create their own cartoon characters. At the start of the class, students will vote on the famous characters they would like to draw before moving on to develop their own. Students will design a birthday or holiday card, a short picture book, and a game board using their characters. 

Sewing Design – grades 3 to 5 | Ms. Chelsea | $400
In this class, students will develop skills to become confident and independent sewers. Techniques and skills will include sketching and design, hand stitching, machine stitching, and more. Students will experience each step of turning a creative vision into unique pieces of art.


LEGO Design – pre-k & kindergarten | Ms. Shortt| $339
Students will learn foundational coding skills using LEGO bricks through weekly design challenges like “How tall is the tallest tower you can build?” and “Will the duck be able to travel over the bridge?” They will also build robots that can move and dance.

Ballet – grades 1 & 2 | Ms. Hartvigsen & Teacher Cotner | $339
Students will learn and practice foot positions, pliés, stretches, and more. This class is open to students who are new to ballet, as well as more experienced dancers who would like to practice their skills. Each class will conclude with free dance time. Please note: ballet shoes or attire will not be used for this class.

Photography – grades 3 to 5| Profe Restrepo | $339
Students will learn image composition, color theory, and the basic settings of a manual camera while playing with light, nature, textures, objects, and people’s expressions. Students will create photo stories, recreate their favorite images, and make collages.


Action Bus – pre-k & kindergarten | Coach Jen | $375
This mobile gym features tumbling tools plus fun and age-appropriate obstacle courses. Students will learn to use a zip line, trapeze bar, and hanging rings while developing their gross motor and tumbling skills.

LEGO Design 2 – grades 1 & 2 | Ms. Shortt | $339
A pile of LEGO bricks can be turned into a million different designs—the possibilities are endless. Combining STEAM skills and team building, students will work together to solve problems using LEGO bricks, motors, and the early stages of coding.

Graphic Novel Production 1 – grades 3 to 5 | Mr. Todd | $500
Cartoonist Jonathan Todd, author/illustrator of the graphic novel Timid (Scholastic/Graphix Spring 2024), will coach students to begin a graphic novel of their own. They will write, workshop, and visually plan a fiction or nonfiction story, then research and illustrate the beginning of their book in pencil. Pages will be finalized using the brush and ink technique with a felt-tip pen and scanned for digital or print publication. Please note: Students from Mr. Todd’s comic book studio class are welcome to continue their projects from last year in this class.

Questions? Contact Blair Fross.

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