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Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Classes

Each trimester Belmont Day offers a range of exciting classes led by enthusiastic teachers.

Enrichment classes are offered Monday through Thursday, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis and is often limited to ten students per class. Our classes often fill, and we maintain waiting lists when this occurs.

We do not move students to alternate classes once the trimester has begun to ensure the quality of the program, curriculum, and classroom community.

Below are our class offerings for Trimester 3 of the 2023-24 school year.

If an enrichment class must be unexpectedly canceled on a given day, students will join After School for the class period.


Yoga Theater – pre-k to grade 2 | Mrs. Peterman | $380
Students will build focus, strength, flexibility, mindfulness, and self-management through art, theater elements, and performance. They will practice yoga poses, breathing techniques, self-calming tools, and more.

Hot Wheels: Need for Speed – grades 1 & 2| Ms. Small | $380
This interactive engineering class will introduce students to the elements of force and motion with Hot Wheels cars. Activities are designed to promote a growth mindset and develop critical thinking skills. With inquiry-based investigation, guidance, and discussion, students will build, test, and revise their creations throughout the trimester.

Horticulturist in Training – grades 3 & 5| Profe Restrepo | $380
Students will learn about plants, make terrariums, arrangements, and planters with recycled materials, and plant flowers on campus for the community to enjoy. The class will include nature walks to find inspiration and collect materials.


LEGO Design I – pre-k & kindergarten | Ms. Small | $380
Students will learn foundational coding skills through weekly design challenges—”How tall is the tallest tower you can build? Will the duck be able to travel over the bridge?”—and build robots that can move and dance using LEGO bricks.

Bedtime Math – grades 1 & 2 | Ms. Shortt | $380
The class will follow the curriculum of Laura Bilodeau Overdeck’s Bedtime Math, and students will have a blast with mischief-making activities like Beach Ball Party, Funny Money, and Glow-in-the-Dark-City. We look forward to beginning our own BDS Crazy 8’s Club!

Sewing Design III – grades 3 to 5 | Ms. Chelsea | $400
The class will cover design and sketching, machine stitching, hand stitching techniques, and more. Students will make a tangible item in each session and further develop their skills as confident and independent sewers.


Hot Wheel: Force & Motion – pre-k & kindergarten | Ms. Small | $380
This interactive engineering class will reinforce math and science concepts and introduce students to the elements of force and motion. Activities will engage children’s curiosity, and they will experience the joy of experimentation and exploration.

Ballet – grades 1 & 2 | Ms. Hartvigsen & Teacher Cotner | $380
Students will learn and practice foot positions, pliés, stretches, and more using portable barres. Open to everyone—those with no ballet experience and those with experience—to learn and practice skills and dance with friends. Each class will conclude with free dance time. Ballet attire is not required—we will not use ballet slippers or leotards.

Take Center Stage – grades 3 to 5 | Mr. Parsons | $380
Students will practice essential theater skills such as character and stage presence development, improvisation, and effective communication. Every student will be cast in a role, empowering them to shine individually and contribute to the collective success of a one-act play.


Action Bus – pre-k & kindergarten | Coach Jen | $375
This mobile gym features tumbling tools plus fun and age-appropriate obstacle courses. Students will learn to use a zip line, trapeze bar, and hanging rings while developing their gross motor and tumbling skills.

Cartoon Art – grades 1 & 2 | Mr. Todd | $500
Scholastic cartoonist Jonathan Todd will guide students in developing their drawing skills and creating their own cartoon characters and some famous ones, too. They will learn to draw figures, a dog, a dragon, a spaceship, a unicorn, a cat, a car, and more and develop comic strips.

Will It Float – grades 3 to 5 | Ms. Small | $430
Cardboard + tape + creativity = A BOAT. Students will create and test designs to build a cardboard boat they can climb into. They will experiment with buoyancy, drag, and absorption and learn about classic boat designs in maritime history. We hope to paddle our boats across the BDS pool in a cardboard boat regatta.

Questions? Contact Blair Fross.

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