Winter Enrichment Class Descriptions

Session 2 Class Descriptions

Monday, December 2 to Friday, March 13. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Download an enrollment form.


World of Mad Science {pre-k and kindergarten | Chemistry Christian}

This hands-on program will explore sight, sound, nature, and more. Students will learn about optical illusions, the secret component to white light, hidden rainbows, and chemical reactions. They will learn about dinosaurs, imagine what it’s like in outer space, and explore the inner space of the human body.

Lego Designer {grades 1-2 | Ms. Buck}

Students will work like engineers while learning to read simplified blueprints—very different than LEGO instructions—and make their own. They will share their ideas with fellow engineers by telling the story behind each LEGO creation they make.

Ultimate Hoops {4:30-5:30 p.m., grades 3 & 4 | Mr. Jean-Mary}

Students will continue building the skills of sportsmanship, teamwork, and athleticism. The will focus on developing proper shooting form, foundational footwork, and hand skills and have plenty of playing time. Mr. Jean-Mary will support players by providing a practice that encourages increased stamina, conditioning, and confidence.

Poetry {grades 3 to 5 | Mr. Bennet}

This is 6-week class, meeting on December 2, 9, and 16 and January 6, 13, 27

Poetry is a vital and vibrant means of expression for children. Poetry promotes literacy, inspires creativity, and builds emotional resilience. Children are natural poets—they are still filled with wonder about the world and they love to play with words. Our goals for this enrichment class are to appreciate poetry, to get better at writing poetry, and to have fun. The class will conclude with a reading for families and friends.


Create a Castle {pre-k and kindergarten | Makers Workshop Instructor}

Using a wide range of materials including fabric, metal, paint, pottery, and fused glass, students will make a medieval castle to take home. This playhouse for dolls and other small toys will be complete with furniture and figurines.

Hogwarts Academy {3:30-4:30 p.m., grades 1 & 2 | Ms. Buck}

Ms. Buck will help students become the brightest young witches and wizards of their age. They will be sorted into houses, create wands, learn spells, and fly into the world of magic. This class will be held in the Barn’s innovation studio and emphasize activities with a STEM focus.

Master Chef {3:30-4:30 p.m., grades 3 to 5 | Chef Lightbody}

Please note: This is a 5-week class meeting January 14, 21, 28 and February 4, 11

This hands-on class will focus on nutrition and great cuisines from around the world. Students will be explore diverse ingredients and authentic recipes while learning basic cooking techniques. Bonus—they will go home with a recipe and treats to share each week.


Yoga I & II {Yoga I, 3:30-4:30 p.m., Yoga II, 4:30-5:30 p.m., pre-k to grade 3 | Ms. Peterman}

Students will sing, draw, and learn fun and playful yoga poses in this energy-releasing class. Yoga improves strength, flexibility, and coordination, and fosters an environment of self-empowerment and respect for others. The class incorporates yoga games, breath exercises, basic anatomy, and meditation.

Art Unplugged {3:30-4:30 p.m., kindergarten to grade 3 | Ms. Meditz}

This class creates a relaxed atmosphere for participants to let their creativity flow.Students will be presented with base projects as a starting point for experimentation and self-expression. A wide array of inspiring and unusual materials they will be provided for the creation of unique abstract and realistic works.

Mad Science Galaxy {grades 3 to 5 | Chemistry Christian}

This class will introduce atoms and reactions and include demonstrations of the differences between physical and chemical reactions. Students will engage in hands-on experiments that explore scientific concepts and learn more about dinosaurs, outer space, and the human body.


Tumblebus {3:30-4:30 p.m., pre-k & kindergarten | Ms. Jenny}

Tumblebus is a converted school bus fully padded and filled with gymnastics equipment that provides a safe and fun environment for children to explore physical fitness. Equipment includes monkey bars, balance beams, trampoline, slide, zip line, bars, rings, springboard, mountain, and more. All activities are held inside the climate-controlled bus; no transportation of students is involved.

Dance Club {3:30-4:30 p.m., grades 1 to 3 | Ms. Chanel}

The class incorporates fun and intricate choreography with routines and fast-paced music. Participants will explore modern techniques and hip hop influences.

Take Center Stage {grades 3 to 5 | Mr. Parsons}

This is a ten-week class ending on February 27. Students will be covered in after school when class does not meet.

Take Center Stage offers a wide range of creative activities including speech, dramatic movement, improvisation, snippets, and rehearsed scenes. This class is designed to enhance and extend the acting skills that students have developed in their theater arts classes. Parents and friends will be invited to a short, scripted performance at the end of the session.


World Drumming {1-2 p.m., pre-k to grade 2 | Mr. Rubinshteyn}

An in-depth exploration of the ancient art of drumming, this class will feature rhythms, songs, and folklore involving drumming. Students will learn percussion, call and response, rhythmic games, and a develop a passion for drumming.

Soccer {2-3 p.m., pre-k to grade 2 | GPS Coaches}

The Super Soccer Stars program was developed by a team of early childhood, soccer, and behavioral specialists. Their licensed and experienced coaches will introduce sophisticated skills, support technical improvement, and foster social development in a fun, non-competitive environment that is guaranteed to have each participant learning and having a blast from the moment the whistle blows.

Chess 1 & 2 {Chess 1 - 1 p.m., Chess 2 - 2 p.m., grades 1 to 8 | Mr. Foygel}

Nationally recognized player and 2012 New England Championship Igor Foygel will teach the tactics, history, and theory of the game. Mr. Foygel is a patient teacher who loves the game and helping students develop logic and strategic thinking so they will love it, too.

Martial Arts {1-2 p.m., grades 1 to 8 | Sensei Bobby}

Instructor Bobby Giordano from American Martial Arts Center, will teach self- defense skills—including kicking, boxing, and grappling—that will increase your child’s confidence, agility, speed, and power. Please be aware this class works toward developing self-control and self-discipline. Students will test their limits, as well as understand the expectations of a Martial Arts Dojo that included seriousness, determination, and sincerity.

Reverse Engineering {2-3 p.m., grades 3 to 5 | Ms. Vicki}

Using the design and engineering process, students will create a plan for building a sculpture, robot, or creature using parts from old machines that they have disassembled themselves. Basic safety and proper use of screwdrivers, hand drills, hammers, hot glue guns, and saws will be covered. There will be time each class for students to enjoy tinkering and testing out new ideas and theories. We encourage you to bring in old cameras, remote controls, or other small electronics. No prior experience is necessary.

Parkour I & II {Parkour I, 1-2 p.m., grades 5 to 8; Parkour II, 2-3 p.m., grades 3 & 4 | International Parkour Federation Coaches}

Parkour develops the fundamental attributes required for movement, including balance, strength, dynamism, endurance, precision, spatial awareness, and creative vision. High-energy and interactive classes will have students jumping, climbing, swinging, rolling, and crawling around our outdoor and indoor terrain. Through fun games, safe and quality instruction, and supervised free play, students will learn to overcome fear, set goals, collaborate, and problem solve.