Need to Know

Camp Staff

Our summer staff is comprised of an administrative team, specialists, swim staff, head counselors, junior counselors and interns. Each person plays an important role. Together we form the team whose highest priorities are the safety, well-being, and success of your child at camp.

Camp staff members are a group of diverse individuals with an assortment of skills, abilities and experiences. We hire staff members that are team players, patient, self-motivated, enthusiastic, and good communicators with the ability to keep up with school-aged children. Our staff must be interested in being part of a community, able to understand the diverse needs of children, and know how to have fun!

Zach d'Arbeloff, Director of Summer Programs and Joe Jean-Mary, Associate Director of Auxiliary Program together form the core of the summer administrative team. They are available year-round to answer questions and help you organize the summer for your children.


Below is a list of activities we offer at camp:

Swimming Lessons

Detailed information about our Red Cross swimming lessons is available in the section about swimming

Free Swim

Free time in the pool

Arts & Crafts

Drawing and painting with different media, mask making, clay sculpting, paper mache, puppet making, lanyard, tie-dye


Soccer, wiffle ball, volleyball, kickball—sports you’ve heard of with rules you know


Teambuilding and camp games— games you may never have heard of that you probably haven’t played anywhere but at camp: Lord of the Rings, Go for 20, Star Wars, Messy Backyard, Nuke ‘Em, Gaga


Nature walks, nature scavenger hunt, camouflage game, harvesting food in our garden, creating animal habitats


Tap, stomp, choreographed numbers, rhythm exercises


Learning camp songs, drumming, name-that-tune, musical hangman


Improv games, commercial making, comedic skits, drama games


Skill drills, tennis baseball, king of the court


Technique and safety lessons, target shooting games to improve aim and form


Toolboxes, clocks, knock hockey, sailboats


Water bottle tornadoes, ice cream in a bag, erupting volcanoes, battery-powered propeller boats


Cooking, jewelry making, World Cup soccer, digital photography, self-defense, Scavenger Hunt


Our head of the pool is assisted in teaching and guarding by experienced water safety instructors and Red Cross certified lifeguards.

Red Cross swim lessons happen in the morning. Swimmers are divided by ability. To determine appropriate placement for swim lessons, each child is evaluated on his/her first day at camp. These evaluations consist of a progression of skill assessments. Children are then further observed in their level to be sure the appropriate placement has been made. Children are monitored daily for progress and promoted when they have completed the requirements necessary to complete the exit assessment for the level. Belmont Day swim certificates are issued after a child has been promoted to the next level.

No alternative activities are offered during swim times.

Free Swim
Free swim happens each afternoon. Groups come to the pool and children are given the opportunity to have free time in the pool. We limit the area children may swim in based on their morning swim level. This helps us to insure that all children are safe in the pool and are not getting into situations they are unable to handle while swimming.

We have two pools at Belmont Day. Our practice pool is 20 feet x 40 feet and is 2 feet deep for the entire area of the pool. Our big pool is 40 feet x 80 feet and ranges from 3 feet to 9 feet.

Both pools are licensed by the Board of Health.

Swimming is an important part of our program at camp. Our goal is for each group to swim twice each day unless it is unsafe to do so.

Circumstances in which we close the pool include:

  • When there is thunder and lightning in the area. The pool remains closed until 30 minutes after the last instance of thunder or lightning.
  • When it is raining so hard we can’t see the bottom of the pool.
  • When there is a weather advisory or warning issued by the state for our area.


We provide towels daily.

Extended Day

Extended day provides a safe, relaxed environment for children to begin and/or end their day. Children will be given the opportunity to do arts and crafts projects, play field and board games, read stories, and play with friends. Families are welcome to sign up for morning, afternoons, or both. Our morning care is complimentary, however in order to ensure the safety of the children participating, we do ask that you sign up so we know how many children to expect and can staff appropriately. There is an additional fee for the afternoon extended day program.

Morning extended day begins at 7:45 a.m. and ends at 8:45 a.m.
Afternoon extended day begins at 4 p.m. and ends at 5:30 p.m.

Snacks & Lunch

We are a nut-safe and allergy-prepared facility. Nothing we serve contains nuts or peanuts. We ask that you not include any items containing nuts or peanuts when preparing lunches.

We provide:

  • Morning snack and milk or water for children in pre-k, k, and grade 1 groups
  • Beverages (juice, milk, and water) for all children at lunchtime
  • A frozen treat (popsicle, ice cream sandwich, Italian ice, etc.) for all children at the end of the day
  • Afternoon snack and milk or juice for all children staying in afternoon extended day

Lunch: You may either pack a lunch for your child or lunch may be purchased and delivered to Belmont Day. If you purchase lunch: We partner with Smart Lunches ( to provide a lunch ordering service for your convenience. Lunches may be purchased through the Smart Lunches website and will be delivered to Belmont Day and distributed to your child(ren). This is a service separate from camp so all questions regarding lunch should be directed to Smart Lunches. Smart Lunches is a also a nut-safe facility and they do not serve anything that contains nuts.

If you pack lunch: Please send your child’s lunch in an insulated bag with an ice pack, if necessary, as refrigeration is not available.

We ask that you only send food to camp for your child. Please don’t send food in for the whole group for any reason. We celebrate birthdays with a special song at morning meeting.

Health & Wellness

We have a registered nurse on staff at camp. The nurse is scheduled to be here each day that camp is in session to attend to all camp medical needs. The camp nurse reviews all health records, compiles confidential concern lists for our staff, trains our staff on medical policies and procedures, and sees any camper or staff member that needs medical attention during his/her time at camp. The nurse can also be a resource to you should you have questions or concerns about your child’s health or well-being.

In addition to our nurse, many of our staff are First Aid and CPR certified. Our swim staff are all lifeguard certified which includes First Aid, CPR, and AED certification.

We also work with a consulting physician that reviews and updates our standing orders annually and is available by phone to our nurse and camp staff in the event of a medical issue needing her input or expertise.

Group Placements & Friend Requests

Children are placed into groups by entering grade in the coming fall. Groups are co-ed. There are multiple groups at most grade levels during most sessions. During the online registration process you have the option to request a group mate for your child. You can do this for each session your child is enrolled. You may request the same child for each session or request different children for different sessions based on enrollments the two children have in common. We assign groups in early June and make every effort to honor one friend request per camper.

Parent Visiting Days

Belmont Day is an open facility and you are welcome to stop by. For the safety of the children, we require that you check in at the front desk upon arrival to sign-in and collect a visitor badge and to sign out upon departure. We also have special Parent Visiting Days once during each session. Visiting hours are from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. On Parent Visiting Days we invite you to join your camper for the morning. You will be able to accompany your child to scheduled activities during the morning. In some cases, you will be welcome to participate and in others we will ask you to be an observer. Attending Parent Visiting Day is by no means a requirement, but it is a great way to see how we spend our day at camp. Visitor sign-in is not required on visiting days.

After Camp Events

We host two different events in the evenings after camp—a Pool Party/Overnight for Pioneers and Family Fun Night for all campers and their families.

  • Pool Party/Overnight - Open to Pioneers, grades 4 through 7, participation is optional and necessitates an additional fee. Pool parties and overnights begin at the same time with pool parties ending at 9 p.m. Dinner and a late snack are served. Children who stay for overnights make lunch for the next day and are served breakfast.
  • Family Fun Night - Evenings designed for the whole family! Join us for camp activities, swimming, and dinner. Participation is optional and necessitates an additional fee.

Summer Lunch Ordering