Arts Abound

Just visit Belmont Day, and you’ll understand: art is alive here. You’ll see the hallways filled with student work and the vibrant activities in the woodworking studio, the music room, and the Palandjian Arts Center. You can also see the way many academic endeavors incorporate art. Every year, each class in the middle school presents a play or dramatic production. Some students act or sing on stage while others work in the crew, supplying special effects or videography. All students discover new talents, interests, and appreciation for the creative process. 

Sixth grade students attend music, theater arts, art, and woodworking classes throughout the year. In seventh and eighth grades, each semester students choose from almost three dozen arts electives, including printmaking, a cappella, 3D-modeling, clock building, and devised theater. At the end of the semester, students share their resulting works with classmates.

As students advance through middle school, they keep a digital portfolio of their artwork. In eighth grade, they carefully go through it and compile select images for a slideshow presentation with an artist’s statement. This is an excellent exercise in self-assessment, as well as a good tool for applying to high schools, demonstrating each student’s thoughtfulness, maturity, and talent.

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