Physical Education

Be Strong, Be Healthy

In pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, morning gym classes are anticipated with delight. The children know that whether they are crawling through tunnels, climbing over obstacles, or playing a new game, there will be fun. Helping children discover the joy in physical activity and fitness is one of the goals of Belmont Day's physical education program.

With a focus on cooperative play, teamwork and good sportsmanship, our students learn a progression of increasingly complex athletic skills and strategies. They work on developing strength, endurance, balance, cardio-respiratory fitness, speed, and agility. They begin to understand rules and team play.

In addition to their regular gym classes, students have many opportunities for physical activity. Recess periods are filled with sledding, soccer, and mastering the monkey bars. Our annual field day engages the entire school in a series of spirited cross-graded games.