Kindergarten Social Studies

The social studies curriculum gives kindergarten students the opportunity to look closely at their classroom community, the school community, and then to look more broadly at the community at large. They develop a curiosity about, and a respect for, the world and its peoples, especially the relationship of people to their immediate and wider environments.

Our kindergarten students will:

  • experience cultural observances 
  • recognize that families are structured and formed in different ways
  • develop and promote social skills through Responsive Classroom pedagogy
  • develop and strengthen individual social skills: turn-taking, sharing, waiting, accommodation, compromising, appropriately navigating social situations, empathizing
  • develop and strengthen group social skills: listening, communicating, sharing experiences in front of a group, problem-solving, discussing, cooperating
  • participate in the creation of classroom rules and behavioral expectations
  • strive to meet behavioral expectations
  • learn about the work that community members do
  • learn the Belmont Day School values
  • understand that rules make a strong functioning community