Kindergarten Information Literacy and Technology

In kindergarten, students are well on their way to developing a whole host of information literacy and technology skills. In the classroom, students can visit the listening center to hear a book or follow along with the highlighted text of a poem narrated by a member of the faculty or staff.

Kindergarten students visit the library on a weekly basis to continue developing information literacy skills, hear stories, and borrow books to take home. Kindergarten library classes take place in the story room and the greater library space, where they begin to learn the different types of books that are available to take home and find titles to pursue their individual interests. From picture books to poetry to reference materials, our large and varied collection supports and enriches the curriculum and sets students on their way to becoming life-long readers.

Our kindergarten students will:

  • use care when handling technology and books and return materials to their proper places
  • know the library is organized into sections
  • choose books of interest by visiting different sections of the library and looking at cover, content, and illustrations
  • request materials based on prior knowledge of an author or illustrator or a specific topic
  • know the rules, borrowing routines, and appropriate library behavior