Grade 1 Woodworking

First graders enter woodworking with the opportunity to learning and build upon many new skills throughout the year. First, they are taught the proper technique for using a handsaw and make many practice cuts for their frame design project. Next, use of a hammer is introduced through pounding nails into a wooden stump. More practice hammering comes with creating a signature nail design. This nail design allows for the creation of artistic expression using the new media of a wooden block and nails. The design and construction of a vehicle continues to reinforce sawing skills and introduces new tools of the miter box and hand drill. During the winter and spring students create a “hole in a box,” an animal, and a project of their own design. Construction involves accurate measurement, and use of both a miter saw and drill press. Emphasis is placed on cooperation, the ability to share tools and offer assistance to peers in the wood studio.

First grade students will:

  • use tools to cut, measure, smooth, join, and finish projects
  • design, draw, and discuss plans for projects
  • recognize and use appropriate terminology

Topics of study:

  • Basic hand tools identification
  • Proper use and care of tools
  • Measuring skills
  • Basic skills with project materials
  • Techniques for manipulating wood to achieve design choices
  • Understand the properties of wood
  • Safety habits