Grade 1 Theater Arts

In first grade students are introduced to the basics of theatricality. Students learn how to become confident risk takers in oration by practicing vocal projection as well as acquiring microphone techniques for assistance on the stage. Through the use of drama games, creative movement, choreography, puppetry, and poetry, they begin to form the base of performing arts skills that will lay the foundation for future years of dramatic exploration. In addition, students participate in the first and second grade musical production as the chorus. They are tasked to learn lines and lyrics, acquire choreography, and help with the creation of costumes and sets.

First grade students will:

  • develop the ability to memorize
  • use their senses to illustrate performance
  • expand their theatrical vocabulary
  • become familiar with who William Shakespeare was and how he shaped the face of theater today
  • learn how to develop a character
  • become a confident orator and presenter