Grade 1 Science

The first grade science curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, develops scientific skills, and fosters curiosity. The students begin the year by learning about the importance of healthy eating and making good lunch choices from the lunch room. They learn about the benefit of eating from the five food groups. Next they discover what happens to their food once they swallow and learn how to diagram and label the parts of the digestive system including: esophagus, epiglottis, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. The health and wellness curriculum extends the students understanding of the human body by exploring the human life cycle and gender.

Weather and earth sciences captivate the students as they put their keen observation skills to work identifying types of cloud formations and studying rocks and minerals. After learning about clouds, wind, rain, snow, and storms, the first graders create a weather forecast with a partner. The first graders concentrate on describing and sorting the three types of rocks—metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary. They study the process of the rock cycle and how rocks and minerals are extracted from the earth. First grade students are avid users of technology and create and control robots using Legos and an appropriate programing tool. 

Our first grade students will:

  • understand growth and change in nature
  • learn about and make healthy food choices
  • identify five food groups
  • keep a food diary
  • understand the process of food digestion and the parts of the digestive system
  • increase their knowledge of weather and cloud formations
  • create weather forecasts
  • build and program simple robots
  • develop the ability to be thoughtful observers, predictors, and recorders of events and experiments
  • use science tools with confidence
  • actively problem solve