Grade 1 Physical Education

In first grade physical education, students continue to refine key movement skills and principles. Students gain an understanding of how and why the body moves, moving safely alone as well as in a group, and perform manipulative skills both while moving and stationary. Students engage in various movement activities involving dribbling, striking, tossing, catching, parachute activities, obstacle courses, and group games.

Our first grade students will:

  • develop an understanding of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • explore new and challenging physical activities and engage in basic sports
  • demonstrate the ability to perform manipulative skills while moving or standing, including overhand throwing, dribbling, catching, kicking, underhand tossing, etc.
  • learn to work with other students towards a common goal
  • demonstrate the ability to perform locomotor and nonlocomotor skills such as running, jumping, climbing, rolling, twisting, bending, turning, etc.