Grade 1 Information Literacy and Technology

First graders begin to use technology more frequently, as evidenced in their building and programming of robots. Students also collaboratively plan and write stories, and then illustrate and record the narration for the stories on iPads, ultimately publishing epubs that can be shared with friends and family. In collaboration with the classroom teacher, the librarian works with students to consider the different sources of information both electronic and print-based to begin their research on types of food. Students then use the information they find to discover hands-on whether certain foods fit with the established definition. First grade students visit the library weekly to hear a story and borrow books to take home. The librarian works closely with the classroom teachers to reinforce reading and book care skills. Familiarity with the structure of the library, how to check out a book, and simple research skills are also reinforced and practiced.

Our first grade students will:

  • follow the process for library checkout and returns
  • generate questions as an introduction to the research process
  • understand that one can gather information from several sources
  • identify beginning, middle, and end of a story
  • identify the library and librarian as resources to locate and use information
  • identify main characters and setting in stories
  • know that nonfiction books are organized by topic
  • recognize and choose picture, easy reading, and informational books
  • use terminology about parts of a book
  • use the library to explore personal interests