Learning Every Which Way

Creative, compelling, and challenging: lessons at Belmont Day capture the imagination and engage the intellect while building proficiency in specific areas.

Turn the page. Literacy is the key that opens practically every door to knowledge and fulfillment. And Belmont Day teachers have the supremely satisfying role of passing that key on to their students. No matter what level children have reached when they arrive at our school, they receive appropriate instruction that maintains engagement and momentum. From introducing phonics to exploring wonderful books and demonstrating how to express ideas, our capable teachers help each child to strengthen the crucial skills that will last—and profoundly enrich—a lifetime.

Incalculable benefits. Math matters. And at Belmont Day, our students learn to appreciate the discipline not merely for its utility, but for its elegance. Whether they're mastering simple arithmetic or complex algebra, children at Belmont Day continually discover and demonstrate how essential math is to problem-posing and problem-solving. Our kindergarten students enthusiastically play the Five Penny Game as a foundation for algebraic thinking, figuring out how many pennies are in one hand based on the quantity in the other hand.

Our strong mathematics program provides context and projects that entice learners to see the benefits and beauty of a discipline that deserves a far better reputation. Our teachers are proficient, creative, and enamored with the subject, and their affection makes math all the more irresistible. 

Be a storyteller. Storytelling is as old as humankind, but our first graders got to put a new spin on the art form using iPads. After planning stories on paper, the students wrote, illustrated, and narrated original works that encompassed traditional story elements in a decidedly untraditional way. At a special evening event, parents not only got to enjoy these creations, but also learned how to help their children continue to author them.

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