Heather Woodcock

Heather Woodcock

Director of Professional Growth and Development

Education: Stanford University, B.A. Lesley University, M.A.
Joined Belmont Day: 2017
Recent Professional Development: Global Online Academy
Three Thoughts:

A person I admire and consider a hero… Harvey Milk.

Associate teachers are an important part of our school community because… they prompt us to think deeply about why we teach, what we teach, and how we teach it. They bring fresh and creative ideas into our classrooms and encourage us to reflect on the choices we make. They bring a diversity of perspectives and give students the chance to connect with another adult.

If I could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive), I would choose… Maya Angelou because she was a gifted writer, poet, and activist who exuded wisdom and calm; Diane Paulus, the artistic director of the ART in Harvard Square, because I think her productions are exceptional; Charles Darwin since his contribution to the science of evolution was extraordinary—I would be curious to hear what it was like to see and observe so many animal species all over the world; Julia Child because she was a woman ahead of her time and she made cooking fun and approachable.

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