Home-School Partnership

As a school founded by a group of committed parents, Belmont Day continues to encourage a strong school-family partnership across all aspects of the school. Indeed, it is this partnership that enables the school and its diverse members to function as a supportive, cohesive community. On any given day parents may be found meeting with teachers, discussing Board committee matters, helping in the garden, cheering on a sports team, applauding a theatrical event, shelving books in the library, or discussing diversity efforts at a Braiding Different Strands meeting.


We believe there can almost never be too much open, honest, and respectful communication between home and school. Channels of communication, ranging from highly structured to informal, include conferences, progress reports, Back-to-School Night, The Scoop (our weekly e-newsletter), Friday Folders of completed work, classroom newsletters, forums with the head of school, Sharing Assemblies, morning coffees, evening socials, phone calls, emails, and impromptu hallway conversations.

Parent Opportunities

All parents are members of the Parents' Association and are encouraged to participate in any of the PA's many activities. The PA supports the school by facilitating communication between parents and faculty and by organizing educational, social, and fundraising activities.  

PA efforts include: grade parents • auction • book fairs • community service • enrichment assemblies • family fun night • parent workshops • class social events • fundraising • hospitality • school store • library support • lunchroom flowers • PIN membership

Grade parents help teachers with activities such as classroom celebrations, field labs, and class plays; support and promote PA events and activities; and facilitate communications between the school and parents.

Parents serve on the Board of Trustees, which sets school policy and monitors the general direction of the school, and as ad-hoc members of board/faculty committees on diversity, education, development, finance, outreach, and buildings and grounds.

Parents give tours of the school at open houses, serve as host parents to new families, support classroom events, accompany their children on field trips, and lend their varied skills and expertise to projects in their children's classes. It doesn't take long for parents to discover that Belmont Day is a place that involves the whole family.

Welcoming Families and Students

Belmont Day welcomes new students and families to the community in a number of ways. Both the school and a sub-committee of the Parents’ Association make this a priority and have systems in place to address this important aspect of making a transition to a new environment and fostering an inclusive atmosphere.

The school hosts a number of events for new students and their families, beginning with acceptance and running through the first couple months of school. These events include:

  • Outreach by grade parents to welcome new families in the spring and summer after acceptance
  • Classroom visits on the day before school starts in September
  • Coffee for parents after drop-off on the first day of school
  • Shared summer reading as basis for discussion and projects for each grade
  • Back-to-School Nights for parents
  • Parent socials with grade-level faculty and administrators
  • New family information evening