Noah Brauner ’21

Noah is having an impact in his first year at Noble and Greenough School by designing apps to help connect and inform the community.

His passion for computer programming was sparked during a middle school elective class led by teacher Kurt Robinson where students addressed global goals and challenges with online solutions. Noah developed a remote plant-watering system for his project. The promise of problem-solving and challenge of coding captivated Noah, who then created an app to identify pneumonia in chest x-rays for his eighth grade Capstone project. Independently, he collected 80,000 dog photos for a machine learning app that lets a user upload a photo of their dog, then identify its breed from more than 250 varieties.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Noah took advantage of more time to learn more coding; he took a Harvard computer science course, and watched many YouTube videos. During a time when so many people were feeling disconnected, especially teens, Noah was inspired to design Know Me? an app for friends to get to know one another better. As a student in Nobles’s AP computer science class this year he was eager for a project that would help others. He knew he could make a real impact for the Nobles community by revamping the school’s app that would help everyone easily connect to school directories, news, calendars, and even COVID testing barcodes.

Noah launched the app to the entire Nobles community at a recent assembly last Friday. The response was a hearty standing ovation from the entire audience!

-photo credit: Noble and Greenough School

Noah Brauner '21
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