Alasdair MacKenzie ’11

As part of the 2022 March Madness Alumni Giving Challenge, Alasdair MacKenzie ’11 returned for a conversation with the school about his time since graduation and the success of his band Hush Club and its latest album “Fingerprints and Stains” which was released in November 2021. In addition to Alasdair on drums, bass, and vocals, Hush Club is made up of Chris Haley (guitar, vocals), and Liz Kantor (keys, vocals); they found each other in college and then isolated together during the COVID-19 pandemic. When describing the Hush Club sound, he said “We like big, expansive, open soundscapes, you know, things that sound like you’re standing in a big field under a sky full of stars at night. We like pretty melodies and lyrics that try to be honest and as real as a conversation with a friend.” With “Fingerprints and Stains”, the band takes listeners on a journey to examine the nuances of our shared human experiences.

We are grateful to Alasdair for sharing his BDS memories and how BDS helped inform his musical career. Use the link to listen to the conversation and be sure to check out “Fingerprints and Stains” on your favorite streaming platform.

Listen to the Conversation

-photo caption: Alasdair MacKenzie, Chris Haley, and Liz Kantor of Hush Club-

Hush Club Alasdair MacKenzie 11
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