Why Belmont Day?

The reasons are many and are as varied as the children and adults who make up our community.

Unparalleled Faculty - Teachers who are recognized daily for their passion, innovation, excitement, love of learning, and their students.

Engaged Students - Students who love to come to school everyday. Students thrive when given independence, choice, and opportunity.

Family Connections - Families are part of the community. Teachers and parents work as partners to nurture a child's development and growth to reach his or her best potential.

Action-oriented Diversity - Our community changes and grows to offer the richest learning experience in the classroom. Our students and families learn as much from each other as they do from their teachers.

Proven Results - Leadership, creativity, self-awareness, critical thinking skills, intellectual curiosity, sensitivity, and worldliness are all qualities which describe a Belmont Day graduate. High school and college success stories are rooted in a Belmont Day education.

Innovative Curriculum - Faculty who create, revise, and reinvent curriculum on an ongoing basis across all strands.

Excellent Resources - Technology is an important tool at Belmont Day. Students employ laptops, iPads, Chrome Books, and 3D printers. They use Google Docs, websites, applications, and research resources. Students are guided to navigate the increasingly complex world of communication, networking, and ubiquitous access to information.

Our Location - By taking advantage of the woods surrounding our campus we extend the learning environment to the outdoors. The woods are used for nature studies, snowshoeing, and cross country. 

Prepared for the Future - Students who are able to meet the challenges of a global world and capable of leading and making an impact on society.

Tradition - Innovation thrives in a culture which is grounded by tradition. We are committed to thinking deeply about how changes in information and in education can benefit our students, without threatening what is at the core of Belmont Day—our six values. It turns out that joy, caring, responsibility, excellence, honesty, and respect are timeless.

Good Students and Good People - Students and faculty that are conscientious citizens of the world, as well as strong thinkers who are well prepared to flourish in it.