Welcome from the Head of School

“We look at the world once, in childhood. The rest is memory.”  - Louise Gluck

Enter any classroom or simply walk through the hallways and you will see evidence of a childhood preserved: from the joyous laughter of a pre-kindergarten class in the outdoor courtyard to the thoughtfulness of an eighth grade poetry reading, the fundamental tenets of what it means to be a student at Belmont Day School are consistently on display. From the sidelines of our athletics program to the wonders of our art studios to the warmth of our community, Belmont Day hums with a self-sustaining vibrancy.

Faculty and parents work together to ensure that each child is met where they are and that their distinct individual experience is honored. It is in this honoring that our community reinforces the six core values of honesty, caring, joy, responsibility, respect, and excellence—we develop a strong, nurturing relationship with each child, providing support at every step and stretching them where they need it most.

Belmont Day is a special place. There are countless ways that our students are encouraged to grow and shine at each step throughout their journey here, yet never at the expense of the wonder that comes with childhood. It is my pleasure as the head of school to welcome you to BDS.