Health and Safety

Summer Camp 2021 is going to be awesome and fun like always, but will look a little bit different as we implement processes and procedures to keep our campers and staff safe. The Center for Disease Control and the Massachusetts Department of Health have been instrumental in helping define safety protocols to keep children safe in educational spaces and Belmont Day is committed to meeting or exceeding those protocols. 

Here is a snapshot of some of our planned safety precautions that you can expect on a daily basis. These protocols are based on the 2020 standards. We anticipate that the Massachusetts Department of Public Health will release updated guidance for 2021. Once we have that information, our complete COVID 2021 policy will be available by request.

Keep it Outside 

The simplest and most effective tool we can use to mitigate COVID-19 risk is to stay outside, and luckily, that’s what summer camp is all about! While our indoor spaces are large enough to accommodate optimal physical distancing in cases of inclement weather, we will spend as much time as we can outside.


Less Week-to-Week Flexibility

In past summers we have allowed a more flexible schedule to fit the needs of families. This summer, in order to have consistent cohort groups during each camp session, we cannot offer the option to combine sessions (for example, you won't be able to register to only week 2 of  Session B, and then only week 1 of Session C). Session A is the exception and is offered as two single weeks.

Contactless Rolling Drop-off

We will use a rolling drop off system, meaning that camp administrative staff will meet and greet your child at your vehicle, and check them in. This will lessen the number of individuals walking around campus and significantly lower the chance of transmission during the busiest times of day. We recognize that some of our younger campers may need extra support during drop-off, especially early in a session, and we will have a protocol to meet the needs of any camper who needs support.



We have all gotten used to them and we expect them to be here for the summer. Science tells us mask-wearing is one of the best preventative measures against COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. Masks will be a requirement to be at camp and will be worn at almost all times.


Cohort Group

Children will participate at camp in closed cohort groups. There will limited all-camp activities.


Physical Distancing

Even within cohort groups, we will still make every effort to maintain physical distance while wearing-masks. This is especially important in indoor spaces. COVID-19 guidance mandates the amount of space each child needs and that is how we will assign indoor spaces and determine total capacity.


Limited Swim Time

The pool will be open this summer! However, in order to accommodate proper distancing, we will have fewer campers in the pool area at one time. This means that blocks may be shorter so that all campers will have the opportunity to swim each day. 


Extra Cleaning

Shared spaces, including bathrooms, will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.


No Lunch Ordering

To reduce opportunities for direct cross-contact, we will not be offering the Smart Lunch option. Campers will bring their own lunch each day. Please refer to Need to Know for more information about our food policies.


Bring Your Own Towel

While we hope to resume towel service in 2022, to reduce risk, campers will bring their own towels to camp each day.

Our summer COVID-19 safety protocols are designed to protect our camper, staff, and families.

Safety, discovery, and community

Our summer COVID-19 safety protocols are designed to protect our camper, staff, and families.

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