COVID-19 Protocols for Summer Programs


These policies are adapted from Belmont Day School’s school year policies, which adhere closely to the guidance offered by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MADPH), the Belmont Board of Health, and our own internal advisor, Dr. Ingrid Katz. For summer 2022, MADPH has dropped specific COVID requirements and guidance, and simply requires that we have a comprehensive plan in place following available guidance from the state. As such, we will continue to evaluate our own policies based on available data to ensure the safety of  campers and staff.

These policies are subject to change based on the recommendations of the governmental organizations above as well as our advisor Dr. Katz. Any changes to these policies will be communicated to families.

COVID-19 Oversight

COVID-19 oversight at Belmont Day School Summer Camp will fall under the direction of Zach d’Arbeloff, the Director of Summer Programs, in conjunction with the healthcare team and BDS’s internal COVID Response Team. All questions can be directed to


COVID-19 Protocol Details

  • Masks Optional: Masks are optional, indoors and out. If, during the course of the summer, we see an outbreak of COVID-19 at BDS, we may opt to temporarily reinstate a requirement for masking indoors.

  • Vaccination Strongly Recommended: We are not requiring a COVID-19 vaccination to attend camp this year. However, we do highly recommend it as it is the best way to keep yourself and your family protected. Vaccination reduces the risk of contracting and transmitting the virus, as well as significantly reducing the severity of symptoms.

  • Less Cohorting: For the most part, camp groups will be organized in the way we have come to expect from “cohorts” during COVID. However, this summer cross-cohorted activities will be possible indoors.

  • Limited Visitors: We will be bringing back vendors onto campus, and will once again offer family fun nights as an optional program for families. All visitors that enter a building must be vaccinated.

  • Quarantine Rules: The definition of close contacts and contact tracing rules has changed, per the CDC and MADPH, due to vaccination and a better understanding of the virus. Read more details below.

  • Rapid Tests Available: Any camper that develops symptoms on campus will be able to be rapid tested by us as an initial precautionary measure.

  • Heightened Awareness of Other Illnesses: If your child is sick with something other than COVID-19 (i.e. they have symptoms and tested negative for COVID), please still hold them out of camp until their symptoms resolve. Common infections like the cold and strep throat are also highly contagious and spread easily in the camp environment.

  • Resources from State and Federal Government Referenced in this Document:
  • MADPH’s COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine Guidelines for the General Public
  • CDC's COVID-19 quarantine and isolation recommendations
  • Steps for determining close contacts per the CDC
  • Quarantine guidelines for K-12, child care, out-of-school time programs, and recreational summer camps released on May 25, 2022.

We expect that you will notify camp if a camper or household member tests positive for COVID-19.

If we have a positive case on campus ...
If a camper or staff member notifies the camp office that they have tested positive for COVID-19, it will initiate the following response protocol:

  • Any positive campers or staff will follow the state's guidelines for quarantine and isolation, meaning a minimum of a 5 day quarantine (with day 0 being the day of the positive test). A negative test after day 5 means a camper can return to camp, and will wear a mask until Day 10.
  • All campers and staff in the direct group with the positive case will be notified immediately. Those families should monitor symptoms for ten days following the notification of exposure. 
  • We will not contact trace specifically within the group. We will rapid test the camp group as a whole as close to 2 and 5 days from the potential exposure as possible (i.e., if day 5 is a Saturday, we will test Friday).
  • Any symptom of illness during the 10 days following a positive test within a group must receive a follow-up rapid test for COVID-19. Campers should not come to camp if they are sick with any illness.
  • If there is an additional case within the same group, we will require that group mask indoors at camp and rapid test daily for an additional 5 days.
  • Families are encouraged to make their own choices with this information with whatever they feel safe.
  • Symptomatic campers should get tested and, if positive, can return to camp when they complete the quarantine period. 
  • In the case of non-COVID illness (i.e., a camper has COVID-19 like symptoms and tested negative for COVID), campers should not return to camp until their symptoms have resolved.

If a positive case is detected between sessions ...
If a camper or staff member notifies is between sessions that they have tested positive for COVID-19, we will initiate the following response protocol:

  • If symptoms in the camper appeared within 48 hours of the end of the camp session, we will notify the past week’s camp group of the potential exposure. 
  • Campers not returning to Belmont Day Camp should follow any guidance available to them depending on what is next (i.e. guidelines to travel, or another camp’s COVID protocol).
  • Campers and staff who are returning to camp for the following session will follow the protocol above for “If a Positive Case is Detected on Campus.”

COVID Refund Policy 2022
This summer, absences due to COVID-19 will be treated in the same manner as any other illness: if your child has symptoms they must stay home and may return to camp once they are symptom-free. We will not be offering special refunds for absences due to COVID-19 as the state is not requiring the quarantine of any campers who are not actively sick.

Safety, discovery, and community

Our health and safety protocols are designed to protect our campers, staff, and families.